Things To Do on a Rainy Day in Northeast Wisconsin

Rainy Day Things to Do

We have some ideas for rainy day things to do in Northeast Wisconsin for you here!

Indoor Playgrounds

These indoor spots are perfect for the kids to get out some energy on a rainy day! Bonus, most of them have free WiFi!



Take in a movie! If you’re lucky and it is rainy on a Tuesday everyone can catch a movie for just $5/ticket! If it is a Sunday, Monday, or Wednesday from the end of June to the beginning of August it is a super lucky rainy day as you can find a Kids Dream FREE Movie!

Ice Skating

It’s always the right weather for indoor ice skating!


Bowling is a great rainy day solution for restless kids! And if you sign up for Kids Bowl Free, you’ll just need to pay for shoe rental. And probably nachos.

Roller Skating

When’s the last time you had on skates? It is just as much fun as you remember and this time you get to hold hands with your kids.


Rainy days might feel like the best days if you explore a new museum! There’s a museum for everyone in and around Northeast Wisconsin. Art, science, play, boats, cars, and more! If you have an explorer membership from The Building for Kids or other area museums, you can access free or discounted entrance to many nearby museums.

Laser Tag

Shooting your kids with lasers in the afternoon is even more fun when you’ve been pent up in the house on a rainy morning.


The ultimate rainy day spot. What’s more cozy than the tapping of rain on the library windows while you browse for books? There’s probably also a storytime, movie, or activity happening to distract from the weather.


Find a new board game, craft kit, or puzzle to pass the rainy day!


There are many indoor spots to try out archery!

Hit the Road

Check out new things to do on a day trip! Museums, play spots, and more await in drivable distance, and, the sun might be shining there!

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