Make our Community Better – 25+ Ways to Spread Kindness this Summer in the Fox Valley!

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The entire team at Go Valley Kids and WiscoFam! believes that strong families build great communities and deep connections — we are passionate about raising kind kids! We love to connect with our kids while connecting with our community and cultivating kindness through acts of service of all sizes. We’ve made commitments that use more time and resources, but a perfect practicable habit that we embrace requires less time and preparation, a simple action that makes an immediate impact — a random act of kindness. We have found inspiration on the Random Acts of Kindness website and want to share some ideas with a local twist to involve the entire family!

  1. Tape a couple of dollars and an encouraging message at a Valley Transit bus stop.
  2. Send cards to a nursing home. Brewster Village is Outagamie County’s Short-Term Rehab and Long-Term Care Community and a great place to start!
  3. Thank a veteran! Write a letter and send a card to the Old Glory Honor Flight Mail Call.
  4. Pick up treats at a local bakery like Manderfields or Simple Simons and drop them off at the police station, fire station or Harbor House.
  5. Make blessing bags for homeless people or those with unmet needs. 
  6. Send a thank you to a local farmer. Here are some starters! “We would not have this food without you. Thank you.” or “Thank you farmers for growing and making the food I love.” Letters can also be written at Farm Wisconsin Discovery Center.
  7. Make birthday boxes to help families to celebrate special days.
  8. Join a pen pal program and share words of kindness.
  9. Buy lunch for your neighbor or friend.
  10. Surprise a Fox Valley postal worker with a treat and note in your mailbox.
  11. Pay for someone’s meal behind you in a drive-thru or restaurant line. The first Friday of every month, The Family 91.9 Radio Station encourages listeners to participate in The Family Drive-thru Difference and help spread a little love around by paying for the person behind you in the drive thru. They even share stories live on the radio!
  12. Clean up at a local park
  13. Leave an encouraging message in chalk on the sidewalk!
  14. Support your local small businesses, pop up shops and entrepreneurs. Downtown Appleton or Neenah is a great place to start. Find a local farmers market
  15. Organize a school supply drive for your school for the Outagamie County Back to School Program.
  16. Visit The Pawffee Shop Cat Cafe, drink coffee, snuggle kitties and leave a donation. 
  17. Help clean a neighbors yard or garden.
  18. Paint rocks with cheerful and inspiring messages. Join Fox Cities Rocks on Facebook for ideas.
  19. Stock up a Free Little Library or Pantry.
  20. Cheer on runners at the Fox Cities Marathon on September 18-19, 2021. Make a sign, grab some noise makers and pom poms and find a spot along the route to encourage runners.
  21. Buy lunch at a Festival Foods Brat Stand to support a local nonprofit.
  22. Buy lemonade at a lemonade stand! Our friends in Neenah have a yummy organic option at The Golden Lemonade Stand
  23. Hope Fridge donates and manages community fridges in the Fox Valley area of Wisconsin. Help stock up the Hope Fridge in Neenah!
  24. Often during community hygiene drives donations don’t include ethnic hair care products. Donate products to Kaleidescope Academy for their closet of self-care items for students to take home if needed (shampoo, conditioner, body wash, etc.) 
  25. CASA of the Fox Cities advocates in our local courts, with community volunteers, to achieve placement in safe and permanent homes for children who have experienced abuse and neglect. Donations are needed for holiday and birthday gifts for the children they serve and also used for family visite. Items requested include board games, crafts and activities. A complete wishlist is listed on their website.  
  26. Signup for an orientation to volunteer as a family with Pilars with kids starting at age 7. Volunteers can provide and serve meals, answer and redirect phones, greet guests, assist with maintenance and rehabilitation projects, run errands, and assist with guest transportation. Learn more today by attending an upcoming volunteer orientation.
  27. Volunteer, donate and support the work of our friends at Jake’s Network of Hope.

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