Horse Lovers Wanted: Riding Lessons, Trail Rides, and More!

Amethyst Academy Horseback Riding Lessons

When thinking about starting horseback riding lessons or even just spending an afternoon on a trail ride, there can be a lot of questions if you’re brand new to horses or if it has been a long time since you’ve been around a stable. Whether you are looking for casual trail rides through the countryside, a horse-themed birthday party, or equestrian training, we have rounded up a list to help you!

What riding gear is needed?

  • Boots 
    • Heeled boots are preferred.
  • Long pants
  • Helmet 
    • Most stables will have helmets to borrow. Ask when you make your plans to visit. 

How much do horseback riding lessons cost?

  • Lessons typically run between $30-$50 an hour. 
    • Most lessons include 30 minutes of training and 15 minutes before and after for horse care including grooming and tacking. 
  • One-on-one lessons are recommended for beginners. 
  • Group lessons are typically available for more intermediate or advanced riders and also great for socializing and getting to know other riders.
Amethyst Academy Horseback Riding Lessons

10 things to consider when choosing where to take lessons

  1. For what ages are lessons available? What experience is needed? Are the lessons geared to beginner riders or advanced riders?
  2. Are discounts offered for referrals or advance paying? Some stables will offer bundle packages for monthly lessons.
  3. How long are lessons? What are the expectations during lessons? What is included in lessons?
  4. Do you want to compete in horse shows? Does the stable train for them? Is competition required for riders? Plan for additional costs for competing.
  5. Are you looking for a riding community? If you are looking for a rounded experience ask about other opportunities to get to know other riders like open houses or clubs.
  6. Can parents stay to watch during lessons?
  7. Are lessons offered year-round? Are the stable and arena areas heated?
  8. What style of riding do they teach? Is it the style you want to learn? Ask about English versus Western.
  9. Get to know the instructor. Ask about background and credentials. Can you see you or your child learning from the instructor?
  10. Tour the facility and observe lessons. Is the facility clean? Do they have safety rules? Are the staff and stable hands friendly? Observe the horses. Are they well behaved? Are there a variety of different horses – young for more advanced riders to older, mature horses for beginners?

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