Park Series: Fritse Park, Neenah

Fritse Park, Neenah

Fritse Park, Neenah Snapshot

  • Address: 937 N Lake St, Neenah, Wisconsin
  • Surface Ground: mulch
  • Bathrooms: yes, open all year
  • Special / Unique Features: slide built into hill, Trestle Trail Bridge
  • Mobile Gaming: Pokestops & gyms
  • More Park Info:

Jodi’s Review

While my oldest was participating in a workshop in Neenah, we drove around Neenah looking for things to do. We stumbled upon Fritse Park one day, and have returned a number of times.

The park is beautiful. It is right on the Little Lake Butte De Morts. There is a bridge called the Trestle Trail Bridge that crosses from the Village of Fox Crossing to Menasha. You get to cross Little Lake Butte De Morts and enjoy the lake view and wildlife. We love watching the Pelicans!

The playground is also wonderful. There’s a very fun train depot and train to ride in. There is a spider web, big rocks, and nets to climb all over, plus a log slide. There is also a very big metal slide on a hill! This park has mulch and grass ground.

There are clean bathrooms, drinking fountains, and Poke Stops!

Fritse Park, Neenah Fritse Park, Neenah

Fritse Park Neenah

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