10 Delicious Cheese Stops for June Dairy Month (Bonus 10 Fun Facts!)

Wisconsin Cheese

Eat, Drink & Moo: Ways to Celebrate June Dairy Month in Wisconsin! Take a little road trip to check out this “wheel” trail of cheese shops! Whether it’s in town or scattered around the state, each shop is unique and provides visitors with an array of homemade products, opportunities to learn about the cheese process as well as some delicious nibbles to go!

PS… check out this June Dairy Month Bucket List or get one of these events on your calendar!

Arthur Bay Cheese Co.

If you head to the south side of Appleton, you’ll find a quaint shop that is packed with variety and flavor. Arthur Bay Cheese Co. is a specialty retailer of Wisconsin-made cheeses and from soft to stinky, there is a cheese that is perfect for everyone. In addition to a large selection, they offer fresh cheese curds and cheese boxes, so stop in and pick up one of the best snacks ever: Wisconsin cheese!

Simon’s Specialty Cheese

Simon’s Specialty Cheese is one of the most iconic cheese shops in the Fox Valley area. Its roots go back multiple generations to the 1940s when they first began selling cheese straight from the plant. Simon’s prides itself on their award-winning Cheddar, Feta, Provolone, and Mozzarella cheeses, and of course, their signature squeaky cheese curds. Most notably, their cheese line includes some rather unique bites, including Chocolate Cheese Fudge and Maple Cheese Fudge. In addition to their own label, their store offers over a hundred varieties of Wisconsin cheese. The store also offers a variety of gift boxes and gifts, in addition to fresh pizzas, spreads and gourmet goods. Order their products online, stop in or pull up for “curd” side pickup – you won’t be disappointed!

Scray Cheese

Folks at Scray Cheese mean business and the delicious flavor of their handcrafted Cheddar, Edam, Fontina and Gouda prove it! Established in 1924, Scray Cheese is a family-owned, fourth-generation artisan cheese factory located in the heart of De Pere. Visitors can take a peek at the art of the cheese-making process through a viewing window on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays – the perfect way to educate children on where their favorite nibbles originate! After, check out their selection of cheeses in their shop, not only do they make a great gift, they are the perfect starter for parties and the perfect snack!

Union Star Cheese Factory

For those looking to watch their cheese be made and eat it, too, the Union Star Cheese Factory in Fremont should make your bucket list! A family-owned factory that has been passed down generations, Union Star Cheese makes a variety of hard and soft cheeses for everyone to enjoy. In addition, the factory graciously opens its doors for visitors to watch the complex cheese-making process. Visit their website for more information on visiting and give them a call to order some of their outstanding cheeses!

Henning’s Wisconsin Cheese

One of the most recognizable cheese brands in our area is Henning’s Wisconsin Cheese! The family-owned factory has been manufacturing cheese since 1914 and is the last factory in the United States who produces “Mammoth Wheels” – cheese wheels larger than 75 pounds! That is a lot of cheese! Visitors can stop into their store for samples, to watch cheese being made and to check out their very own museum! The museum features an old cheese vat, press, separator, butter-making equipment in addition to cheese forms, milking equipment and cheese tools. Stop in and enjoy this free, self-guided tour and taste test Hennings’ cheeses!

Weyauwega Star Dairy

Feast your eyes on some of the very best cheese curds in Wisconsin – guaranteed they will be eaten up before you make it back home! Drive past the fourth-generation cheese factory to really appreciate the operation. For over 100 years, Weyauwega Star Dairy has focused on small batch production in order to ensure the best quality! From shredded cheese to all-natural bricks and gifts, Weyauwega cheese is part of Wisconsin’s finest! Find their products in stores or order online to enjoy today!

Vern’s Cheese, Inc.

Whether you’re whipping up a homemade batch of macaroni and cheese or packing your kiddo’s lunch, you’ll find the perfect cheese to use at Vern’s Cheese! From mild, medium and sharp Cheddar’s to Monterey jacks, Vern’s, which opened in 1964, boasts a “tremendous” variety with a small-town charm. Stop in to see the selection of products from meats, cheeses, gift boxes, and more or shop online. Either way, you’ll find the perfect snack!

Wisconsin Cheese Masters

Door County will bring you a taste of some sharp cheese that lives up to its name! Wisconsin Cheese Masters, located in Egg Harbor, offers a huge selection of handcrafted cheesy goodness. Home to many unique flavors such as the Three Chili Pepper Gouda, Apple Smoked Cheddar and Creama Kasa, visitors will find a cheese to please any palette. You can even join the Cheese of the Month Club, an exclusive membership where varieties of cheese are shipped right to your door. Let the ‘masters’ work and dig into some divine cheeses!

Widmer’s Cheese Cellars

Step back in time and see cheese being made in a historic family-owned factory, which began making handcrafted bricks in 1922. Widmer’s Cheese Cellars invites all cheese enthusiasts to come to view their cheeses being made from their viewing area in their store. Samples will also be available and knowledgeable, dedicated cheesemakers and staff will happily answer your questions! Then, stock up from their large selection of popular offerings, including the Widmer’s Aged Brick Spread, a Blue Ribbon Winner!

Seguin’s House of Cheese

Hit the road and mooove on over to Seguin’s House of Cheese for a variety of snacks that are too gouda too be true! Seguin’s, which boasts a rich history in Wisconsin, offers many products in their shop, all of which promote a love for Wisconsin dairy. Their unique products leave lots for the taste buds to be desired and their most beloved concoctions include Vegetable-Jack, Morel & Leek, Bacon, Black River Blue and Chocolate Cheese Fudge! Can’t make the drive up north? Order online for a Seguin’s cheese fix!

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