Park Series: Alicia Park, Appleton

Alicia Park, Appleton

Alicia Park, Appleton Snapshot

  • Address: Appleton, Wisconsin
  • Surface Ground: mulch
  • Bathrooms: yes
  • Mobile Gaming: Pokestops & Gyms
  • More Park Info:

Jodi’s Review

Alicia Park overlooks the Fox River. With its mature trees and large greenspace, this park is very pretty. It also has a wonderful story. According to the History of Appleton Parks, it says that the park was a gift to the city by Alexander Reid, in memory of his wife Alice Conkey Reid.

The playground has lots to choose from without being overly huge. There are multiple slides, a fire pole, monkey bars, a teeter totter, and swings. The full grown trees provide a nice shaded playground. This park has mulch and grass ground.

There are bathrooms, a drinking fountain, pokestops, and pokegyms.

Alicia Park, Appleton Alicia Park, Appleton

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