Park Series: Fritse Park, Neenah

Fritse Park, Neenah

If you are looking for a great place to spend the day with your children, Fritse Park is a perfect fit! Located in the Village of Fox Crossing, this 15.26-acre park nestled along the western shore of Little Lake Butte de Morts offers a host of playground, walking, biking, kayaking, and fishing opportunities to keep your little ones entertained for hours.

Visiting the park on a summer weekday? Keep your eyes peeled for a visit from the Neenah Public Library’s bibliocycle, and a chance to check out some great reads right here at the park. The park provides ample picnic tables and a clean, indoor pavilion and bathroom area (that is open year-round to boot!) so you can linger at the park and thoroughly enjoy your visit.

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Fritse Park At-A-Glance:

  • Address: 937 North Lake Street in Fox Crossing, Wisconsin
  • Surface Ground: mulch
  • Bathrooms: yes- open year round and includes a diaper changing area and drinking fountain!
  • Parking: parking lot with overflow parking available across the street
  • Other Amenities: Bike racks, grills, picnic tales, indoor year-round pavilion, bike repair station

Park Highlights

  • Fun nature themed playground.
  • Giant metal slide built into the hillside.
  • Hills perfect for wintertime sledding
  • Trestle Trail Bridge
  • Train Depot
  • Spiderweb climber
  • Rydell Conservancy next door

Our Favorite Spaces

Adventure Playground and Giant Slide

While you are visiting Fritse Park, you’ll likely find your first stop at the Adventure Playground. Let your kids jump right into all of the fun activities here including tree slides, climbing boulders, spiderweb climbing, swings, and a train & depot for some great imaginative play opportunities. Take advantage of nature’s own playground here, too, with the giant surrounding hills that are perfect for rolling or sledding in the wintertime. The biggest highlight at the playground is the GIANT metal slide located on the edge of the woods near the shore of Little Lake Butte de Morts. This kid-favorite slide is built into the hillside and keeps families returning to Fritse Park time and time again!

Trestle Trail Bridge and Loop the Little Lake

The Loop the Little Lake Trail is a 3.5-mile pedestrian and biking trail that passes through the Village of Fox Crossing, City of Neenah, and City of Menasha. The trail includes four trestle bridges, including the Trestle Trail Bridge that connects to Fritse Park, and four parks (3 with restrooms!) along the way. This is a perfect, vehicle-free path to try with your little walker or biker. Pro trip: bring a stroller or baby sling to give your littlest walkers a break as needed. Along the trail, you will see a variety of birds, waterfowl, anglers, and paddlers enjoying the natural beauty of the Little Lake. Check out the Loop The Little Lake Trail website for further details to help plan your adventure!

Rydell Conservancy

Just north of the Trestle Trail, you’ll find the Rydell Conservancy. This beautifully peaceful little area is a hidden gem of Fritse Park and sees much less traffic. Spattered with benches and swings, you’ll be able to find a perfect spot to enjoy a book or a quiet view of the lake. In the middle of the swampy area of the conservancy you’ll find a lovely little pond that’s perfect place for little ones to toss rocks or drag sticks through its mirror-like waters. Don’t skip this little gem while you are visiting Fritse Park.

More than just a playground, Fritse Park in Fox Crossing offers a host of outdoor fun and adventure activities awaiting you and your family. No matter the season, you’ll want to get out into nature and explore Fritse Park today!

Nearby Food & Coffee:

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    • Chocolate Shoppe ice cream and unique pizza menu. 
  • Café Nutrition, 1350 W American Drive, Neenah, Wisconsin
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  • Lawless Coffee, 124 West Wisconsin Avenue
    • Full coffee and tea menu with unique favorites like Caramello Lattes. 
  • Shellattes, 330 North Commercial Street
    • Super cute and cozy cafe offering indoor/outdoor patio seating, coffee drinks & bakery, and an assortment of used books & antiques available for purchase.
  • Stuc’s Pizza, 1350 West American Drive, Neenah, Wisconsin
    • Delicious pizza & sauce! Wide open and spacious; great for family dining.
  • Tom’s Drive Inn & Holiday’s Pub & Grill, 1395 W American Drive, Neenah, Wisconsin
    • A restaurant complex offering tastes for all appetites, including ice cream, burgers, popcorn & pub favorite entrees. Holiday’s also has rooftop patio seating!

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