Where to Find 145+ Murals within 1 Hour from the Fox Valley!

murals in northeast wisconsin
Appleton, Wisconsin

We have rounded up our favorite murals in Northeast Wisconsin for a fun photo challenge! Take the Photo Challenge – tag #gvkmuralhunt on Instagram!

Murals Organized by Location with More Information including Background & Artist 

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Tips for Exploring

  • Pack snacks and things to do in the car. 
  • Bring your camera! Strike a pose. Bring props for pictures. These are Instagram-worthy but also frame-worthy with colorful backgrounds.
  • Get creative and try the Boomerang app. 
  • Map out your route. Plan it out. Look for breaks to run around at a park. Or pack for a picnic at a park.
  • Bribe kids with ice cream!

Master List – The Ultimate Mural Challenge

  1. Appleton: Kimball Alley Mural (2020), South Durkee Street & Kimball Alley
  2. Appleton: “Here and There” (2019), Appleton Bicycle Shop, 121 S. State St.
  3. Appleton: McFleshman’s Brewing Co. Mural (2020), Mc Fleshman’s Brewing Co., 115 S. State St.
  4. Appleton: Ruth Bader Ginsburg (RBG) Mural (2020), Mc Fleshman’s Brewing Co., 115 S. State St.
  5. Appleton: Muncheez Pizzeria, 600 W College Ave.
  6. Appleton: Mile of Music Mural (2019), corner of College Ave & State St.
  7. Appleton: Jacobs Meat Market Mural (2019), 544 N. Lawe St. Appleton
  8. Appleton: Amano Mural (2019), 634 W Wisconsin Ave
  9. Appleton: Paper Wings Mural (2019), North Island Trail, along Fox River, parking along S. Vulcan St.
  10. Appleton: “Earth Provides” (2019), Gruber LLC, 913 N Bluemound Dr
  11. Appleton: “Justice Is To Be Denied To No One Mural” (2019), Fitzgerald & Bomier, 304 N. Appleton St
  12. Appleton: Medusa Mural (2018), Missfits Tavern, 317 N Appleton St, Appleton
  13. Appleton: David Bowie Mural (2016), McFleshman’s Brewing Company, 115 S State St/
  14. Appleton: Ambassador Mural (2015), Ambassador, 117 S Appleton St.
  15. Appleton: Heid’s Back Door Mural, Heid’s Music, Johnson St (Back Door), Appleton
  16. Appleton: The Ally Project Mural (2015, 2016, 2017) Where: west side of the History Museum, 330 E. College Avenue
  17. Appleton: The Fire Mural – Title Unknown (2010), The Fire, 230 E. College Avenue
  18. Appleton: Charles The Florist Mural (Back Door), Alley behind Charles the Florist, 219 E. College Avenue
  19. Appleton: Mural, near Paper Discovery Center, 425 W. Water Street, Appleton, Wisconsin
  20. Appleton: “She Was Unstoppable” (2018), The Grand Meridian, 2621 N. Oneida Street
  21. Appleton: “All We Need is Love” 230 E. Wisconsin Avenue
  22. Appleton: “We Were Here” (2017), Appleton Trophy and Engraving, 2401 N. Richmond Street
  23. Appleton: Butterfly Mural, B.A.B.E.S., 1331 E. Wisconsin Avenue
  24. Brillion: “Brillion Pride” (2019), Schroth Brillion Floral & Gifts, 119 S. Main Street
  25. De Pere: “Flower Power” (2020), 101 S. Broadway St (corner of Broadway and George St)
  26. De Pere: Elephant Mural, Northern Tide Tattoo, 109 N. Broadway
  27. De Pere: “The Power of Creativity”, Paintin’ Pottery, 520 George St.
  28. De Pere: “Masks of Comedy and Tragedy”, Broadway Theatre, 123 S. Broadway
  29. De Pere: “Intertwined,” 115 N. Wisconsin St.
  30. De Pere: “Dove of Peace,” Jenstar Movement Studio, 365 Main Ave
  31. De Pere: Mural, 131 N. Broadway
  32. De Pere: Mural, Along the Fox River Trail under the Claude Allouez Bridge (near Voyageur Park)
  33. De Pere: “Cityscape,” 353 Main Ave.
  34. De Pere: Nicolet Alley, Nicolet Alley, passing between Nicky’s Lionhead Restaurant and Gryo Kabobs/T. Alteration
  35. Green Bay: “Foxtrot” (2020), Located under the Mason Street Bridge, 587 S Monroe St.
  36. Green Bay: Broadway District Alley Murals (2020)(Behind Let Me Be Frank Productions), 303 S. Broadway
  37. Green Bay: The Bicycle Mural (2018), The Green Bay Bicycle Collective, 418 4th Street
  38. Green Bay: The Shadows Mural (2018), 801 S. Broadway St.
  39. Green Bay: Black Cat Mural, 201 S Broadway St
  40. Green Bay: No Limits Mural (2019), Pete’s Garage, 142 N Broadway
  41. Green Bay: Cat Mural, Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary, 151 N Broadway
  42. Green Bay: Ripple Mural (2018), 410 Dousman Street
  43. Green Bay: Responsibility & Repercussion Mural (2018), Three, Three, Five, 333 N Broadway
  44. Green Bay: Hopeland Mural, Grace Yoga Studio, 333 N Broadway
  45. Green Bay: Be the Change – Butterfly Effect Mural, Vincent, Urban, Walker Insurance & Associates Building, 300 Dousman Street
  46. Green Bay: Pedro the Pelican Mural, Neville Public Museum, 210 Museum Place
  47. Green Bay: Making Waves Mural (2019), Skaliwags Burger Company, 121 N Adams Street
  48. Green Bay: Green Bay Mural (2016), 620 Main St.
  49. Green Bay: Breezn Mural (2017), 1131 Main Street
  50. Green Bay: Enjoy the Ride Mural (2017), Macco Financial Group, 1138 Main Street
  51. Green Bay: Frida Kahlo Mural (2015), Los Banditos, 1258 Main Street
  52. Green Bay: Morty the Moose on Main St Mural (2015), 1274 Cedar Street
  53. Green Bay: The Community of Green Bay Mural (2019), The Art Garage, 1409 Main St,
  54. Green Bay: Wes Martin’s Motif Mural (2014), NWTC Artisan & Business Center, 1417 Cedar Street
  55. Green Bay: Zen Garden Mural (2019), Q-Tea Premium Tea House and The Sense Spa & Wellness Center
  56. Green Bay: Wequiock Falls, 3426 Bay Settlement Rd
  57. Little Chute: Seth’s Coffee Mural
  58. Little Chute: Good Morning Little Chute Mural
  59. Kimberly: Kimberly Mural, Lincoln Street pump house near Roosevelt Park
  60. Kimberly: Flower Mural at Sunset Park
  61. Kaukauna: Tick Tock Tapestry Mural
  62. Kimberly: Murals at the CE TRAIL / Heart of the Valley YMCA
  63. Manitowoc: Eighth Street bridge
  64. Manitowoc: Red Arrow Park, Red Arrow Park (2016)
  65. Manitowoc: Woodland Dunes Nature Center and Preserve
  66. Manitowoc: 910 Washington St.
  67. Manitowoc: 8th Street, Downtown (2017)
  68. Manitowoc: The Great Wave off Kanagawa Mural (2019)
  69. Manitowoc: 9th & Jay St (2018) 
  70. Manitowoc: “Maritime Triptych,” (2017), 10th Street Bridge House
  71. Manitowoc: Ruth West Mural (2020), Milwaukee PC building, downtown Manitowoc
  72. Manitowoc: Fish Bobber (2020)
  73. Manitowoc: Art Slam 2020 CommUNITY Mural (2020), Lakeside Foods (north wall), 510 Jay St.
  74. Menasha: Menasha Mural
  75. Neenah: Youth-Go Mural
  76. Neenah: Washington Park Murals
  77. New London: “Adventure Awaits” (2020), New London Aquatic & Fitness Center, 815 W Washington St
  78. New London: “Amidst The Daisies” (2020), Hilker Warehousing, 405 W Wolf River Ave
  79. New London: “Anna’s Wings” (2020), Longevity Nutrition, 201 S Pearl St
  80. New London: “Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful” (2020), Demming-Noel Agency, Inc.,  228 W North Water St
  81. New London: “Bloom Where You Are Planted” (2020), The Barn, 309 S Pearl St
  82. New London: “Blooming Buds” (2020), Franklin Park Apartments, Cook Street and Lawrence Street, 505 Division St
  83. New London: “Change is Good” (2020), The Pad Video Game Store, 102 E Cook St, 
  84. New London: “Chick and Hens” (2020), Bult’s Quality Bake Shop, 114 W North Water St, 
  85. New London: “Choose Peace” (2020), Rice’s Greenhouse, 603 Montieth St., New London
  86. New London: “Drip Drop Icy Hot” (2020), Memorial Park Skate Park, 800 Montgomery St
  87. New London: “Flower Power” (2020), El Tequila, 208 N Water St
  88. New London: “Free Like a Bird” (2020), The Barn, 309 S Pearl St
  89. New London: “Freedom” (2020), Cellcom (north side of the building), 301 W North Water St
  90. New London: “Garf” (2020), The Pad, 102 E Cook St
  91. New London: “Grow” (2020), Lynn Tank Agency, 221 W North Water St
  92. New London: “HE(aRt) and Soul” (2020), Longevity’s, 201 S Pearl St
  93. New London: “Juicy Watermelon” (2020), Rice’s Greenhouse, 603 Montieth St.
  94. New London: “Life on the River” (2020), PC & Cell Solutions, 301 W North Water St.
  95. New London: “Mr. Happy” (2020), Grand Cinema Theatres (back entrance), 208 Wolf River Plaza
  96. New London: New Dublin St. Patrick’s Day Mural, Bumper to Bumper, 104 S Pearl St.
  97. New London: “One Love” (2020), Memorial Park Skate Park, 800 Montgomery St
  98. New London: “Own Your Own Happiness” (Hummingbirds) (2020), Hilby’s Bar & Restaurant / New London Lanes, 300 S Pearl St
  99. New London: “Pop Art Girls” (2020), Touch ‘n Tan, 1819 N Shawano St.
  100. New London: “Red Spot” (2020), Grand Cinema Theatres, 208 Wolf River Plaza
  101. New London: “Roscoe” (2020), Grand Cinema Theatres, 208 Wolf River Plaza
  102. New London: “Save the Bees” (2020), Becky’s Dog Grooming, 512 N Shawano St
  103. New London: “Selfie Wall” (2020), Hatten Park, 801 Werner-Allen Rd
  104. New London: “Splash of Heart” (2020), River’s Edge Salon, 308 W North Water St. 
  105. New London: “Stay Wild” (2020), Grand Cinema Theatres (back entrance), 208 Wolf River Plaza
  106. New London: “Sunset Cranes” (2020), Grand Cinema Theatres, 208 Wolf River Plaza
  107. New London: “The Butterfly” It is Well with my Soul Mural (2020), Easy Street Grill, 519 W North Water St
  108. New London: “The Doors of Perception” (2020), Memorial Park Skate Park, 800 Montgomery St.
  109. New London: “The Hobbs Sisters” Love Yourself (2020), Hilker Warehousing, 405 W Wolf River Ave
  110. New London: “The Orb” (2020), near Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church, 709 W Beckert Rd
  111. New London: “The Spirited Bird” (2020), Northwestern Mutual, 207 Wisconsin St, 
  112. New London: “The Sunflower” (2020), Bumper to Bumper, 104 S. Pearl St.
  113. New London: “This is Us” (2020), Grand Cinema Theatres, 208 Wolf River Plaza, New London
  114. New London: “To Everything, There is a Season” (2020), Robins Nest Learning Center, 112 W Wolf River Ave 
  115. New London: “Together” (2020), Hilker Warehousing, 405 W Wolf River Ave
  116. New London: “Together We Are An Ocean” (2020), Luaders Law Office / Patty’s Hair Affair, 213 W North Water St
  117. New London: “Upcycled Garden” (2020), Robins Nest Learning Center, 112 W Wolf River Ave
  118. New London: “Walk Along My Colorful Birch” (2020), Pfeifer Park (near baseball diamond) 
  119. New London: “We Love New London” (2019 & 2020), Amazing Low Furniture, 210 Wisconsin St
  120. New London: “When Blue You See … Think Of Me” (2020), Up-Close Wash, 508 N Shawano St 
  121. New London: “Wild & Free” (2020), Mid-State Asphalt, 519 N Shawano St.
  122. New London: “Wolf River Mermaid” (2020), Memorial Park Skate Park, 800 Montgomery St
  123. New London: “You Blow Me Away” (2020), Cozy n’ Sweet Pop-up Candy Shoppe, Pearl Street Alley
  124. Oshkosh: “Every Culture is Singing the Same Song” (2020), Albee Hall facing Polk Library, UW-Oshkosh
  125. Oshkosh: Oshkosh Music Mural (2018), Grand Opera House, 
  126. Oshkosh: “Festival” Mini Mural Project (2020): Beckets (parking lot), 2 Jackson Street 
  127. Oshkosh: “Alley Birds” Mini Mural Project (2020): Caramel Crisp & Cafe, 200 City Center D 
  128. Oshkosh: “Driftwood on Superior’s Shore” Mini Mural Project (2020): Copper Hall, 203 Otter Avenue 
  129. Oshkosh: “Dappled View” Mini Mural Project (2020): Carl M. Hennig, Inc., 206 North Main Street 
  130. Oshkosh: “Fox and Firefly” Mini Mural Project (2020): Jerry’s Barber Shop, 5 Waugoo Avenue 
  131. Oshkosh: “Hint of Blu” Mini Mural Project (2020): Marissa’s Fit Boutique, 13 Waugoo Avenue 
  132. Oshkosh: “Tabitha Burch” Mini Mural Project (2020): AtomicKatz, 17 Waugoo Avenue 
  133. Oshkosh: “Air Birds and Beards (Air BnB)” Mini Mural Project (2020): Brown Street Apartments, 132 High Avenue 
  134. Oshkosh: “Saariaho: Il faut que j’entre” Mini Mural Project (2020): Brown Street Apartments, 132 High Avenue Alley-side
  135. Oshkosh: “Any Port in the Storm” Mini Mural Project (2020): Escape Oshkosh, 146 Algoma Blvd 
  136. Oshkosh: “Oshkosh Octopus” Mini Mural Project (2020): Ruby Owl Tap Room, 421 North Main Street 
  137. Oshkosh: “The Interruption” Mini Mural Project (2020): Algoma Building, 110 Algoma Boulevard 
  138. Oshkosh: “Friends” Mini Mural Project (2020): House of Heroes, 407 North Main Street 
  139. Oshkosh: “Plaid Mountains” Mini Mural Project (2020): Adventure Games & Hobby, 408 North Main Street 
  140. Oshkosh: “The Break” Mini Mural Project (2020): Art Haus, 426 North Main Street 
  141. Oshkosh: “Hendrix” Mini Mural Project (2020), Wagner Building, 502 N Main Street 
  142. Oshkosh: “Blue” Mini Mural Project (2020): Roxy Supper Club, 571 N Main Street 
  143. Oshkosh: “Melon-choly Mini Mural Project (2020): 920 Tattoo Company, 578 North Main Street 
  144. Oshkosh: “Cat Party” Mini Mural Project (2020): Verner Parkway Corner West, 586 North Main Street
  145. Oshkosh: “Farmer’s Market” Mini Mural Project (2020): Verner Parkway Corner East, 586 North Main Street 
  146. Stevens Point: What the Lion Cannot Manage the Fox Can, Divepoint Scuba

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