Murals in Kimberly, Wisconsin (CE Underpass)

Murals in Kimberly
CE Underpass, Kimberly

Looking for a fun photo challenge? These public art murals make beautiful backdrops for fun pictures. We have rounded up some of our favorites including a couple new murals in Appleton where to paint might still be wet! If you know any fun info to include, tips or a mural you think we should add to our list, leave a comment below. When you are out exploring, make sure to tag #gvkmuralhunt in your pictures!

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Murals in Kimberly

CE Underpass Murals – Multiple
Where: 225 W Kennedy Ave, Kimberly, Wisconsin
(Can be accessed at the South end in the parking lot at the YMCA nearest to CE / College Ave).
Tip: This is a very active trail. We aware of bikers.
About: Art students from Kimberly High School created these inspirational murals and paintings to cover up old graffiti.

Murals in Kimberly

Kimberly Mural

Murals in Kimberly Murals in Kimberly Murals in Kimberly

Kimberly Mural

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