Murals in Kaukauna, Wisconsin

Murals in Kaukauna
Kaukuana, Wisconsin

Looking for a fun photo challenge? These public art murals make beautiful backdrops for fun pictures. We have rounded up some of our favorites including a couple new murals in Appleton where to paint might still be wet! If you know any fun info to include, tips or a mural you think we should add to our list, leave a comment below. When you are out exploring, make sure to tag #gvkmuralhunt in your pictures!

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Murals in Kaukauna

Tick Tock Tapestry (2017)
Where: Carrot Project Building, 139 E. Second Street, Kaukauna, Wisconsin
Artist: Elyse-Krista Mische
About: Baazar After Dark Mural
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