Backseat Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt & Bingo!

go valley kids christmas lights scavenger hunt

We are making looking for lights even more fun! We created a scavenger hunt and Bingo! Grab a clipboard, a flashlight or book light, and a yummy snack and start checking off addresses from our massive light list while driving around!

Here are some variation ideas:

You can make this as easy or difficult if you’d like depending on interest and ages.

  • Only check one thing off at each house.
  • Make it a photo scavenger hunt. Take pictures of as many things as possible or take selfies to check off.
  • Make teams. Boys vs girls, parents vs kids.
  • Write down the street number of the address as well. Add up the numbers at the end for a bonus.
  • Pick a color for the night. Things can only be checked off if they also include the color.
  • What’s the most unique thing you found?
  • Count how many. How many Santas? Reindeer? Unicorns?

Happy light hunting!

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