Park Series: Schaefer Park, Appleton

Schaefer Park, Appleton

Schaefer Park, Appleton Snapshot

  • Address: 610 S Buchanan St, Appleton, Wisconsin
  • Surface Ground: mulch
  • Bathrooms: yes
  • Mobile Gaming: Pokestops & Gym
  • More Park Info:

Jodi’s Review

Schaefer Park is a great neighborhood park with lots of huge oak trees. The park has a basketball court, bathrooms, and a drinking fountain.

The playground was fun. There are multiple slides, 2 different kinds of monkey bars, a shaky bridge, and swings. The sand area has a scoop seat to sit and pretend to be an excavator! Pokemon Go players will find Pokestops and a gym. This park has grass and mulch ground.


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