Park Series: Providence Park, Appleton

Providence Park, Appleton

Providence Park, Appleton Snapshot

  • Address: N Providence Ave, Appleton, Wisconsin
  • Surface Ground: mulch
  • Bathrooms: none
  • Special / Unique Features: treehouse style playground
  • Nearest Local Coffeeshop: Copper Rock, 1835 E Edgewood Dr # 108, Appleton, Wisconsin
  • More Park Info:

Jodi’s Review

Providence Park is a hidden treasure! Providence is located by the Scheel’s Sports Complex in North Appleton and by the Apple Creek Trail.

The playground is awesome! There is a treehouse, very Winnie the Pooh style. My kids love that you can climb up through the tree to reach the house on a fun ladder. There is a large rock, an elevated balance beam, swings, and slides. It has mulch and grass ground.

There isn’t a bathroom or drinking fountain.

Providence Park, Appleton Providence Park, Appleton

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Jodi McGinn
Jodi McGinn is a mom of 3 boys and a teacher’s aide. She loves to sing, garden, run and go on adventures with her boys. Jodi moved to Appleton almost four years ago, and LOVES the Fox Valley area and all it has to offer! She makes a mean death-by-chocolate brownie, loves to perform in musicals, and is a Gilmore Girl fanatic: Team Jess all the way!!


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