Park Series: Lutz Park, Appleton

Lutz Park Appleton

Lutz Park, Appleton Snapshot

  • Address: 1320 S Lutz Dr, Appleton, Wisconsin
  • Surface Ground: mulch
  • Bathrooms: yes
  • Special / Unique Features: long walking dock unto Fox River
  • Mobile Gaming: Pokestops & Pokegyms
  • More Park Info:

Jodi’s Review

Lutz Park sits on the Fox River, right beside the Yacht Club. It has a large deck-like walkway on one of the small islands which provides a beautiful and up-close view of the river. An old fashioned pavilion sits by the playground, creating a peaceful place to enjoy the park.

The playground is small but fun. There are swings, slides, monkey bars, and a stand on spinner that gets going pretty fast! The ground is mulch and grass.

There’s a clean bathroom that also includes a one stall bathroom, perfect for parents who are at the park with children of a different gender! This boy-mom really appreciated it! There’s a drinking fountain, pokestops, and pokegyms.

Lutz Park AppletonLutz Park AppletonLutz Park AppletonLutz Park Appleton

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