The North Pole in Chilton is a Not to Miss Family Favorite!

North Pole Chilton
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There are so many excellent holiday light and decoration displays to explore in the Fox Valley. One of our favorites has become a family tradition and is unlike any of the others. The North Pole, previously located in Kaukauna, is excited to safely welcome families back to their new permanent home in Chilton at N5207 Lemke Rd.

The North Pole has safety updates and accommodations with longer hours and limited private reservations. Make sure to follow on Facebook for important updates.

The North Pole opened at this new location in 2020 and is twice as big and includes an ice cube cutting building, a general store, a North Pole welcome center, new reindeer stables with a new reindeer, and a North Pole Town Square!

More than twenty unique displays are homes to Santa’s helpers for one month in December. Mechanical characters tell magical little stories in this quaint Christmas village. While visiting the school, church, radio station, and watching the penguins ice skate, your family is transported to The North Pole without leaving the Fox Valley.

There is also a station for dropping off letters and cards for our men and women in the armed services that will not be home for Christmas. Letters will be hand-delivered to the VFW and they send them out to members.

The North Pole property is over 6 acres includes a large parking lot for ample parking and busses, indoor and outdoor displays, and room for expansion. The indoor area also includes a snack area and gift shop. 

Tips and Details for your Visit to the North Pole

  1. Admission is free, but donations are appreciated.
  2. Wear layers! There are indoor and outdoor elements to explore.
  3. Non-perishable food donations are collected for local food banks.
  4. Private showings are available for a fee.
  5. New this year: Elf University gives kids a complete elf education, elf gear, snacks, official elf notebook, and diploma.
  6. The North Pole follows all CDC guidelines for Covid-19.

Plan your route to The North Pole to include one of these homes with light displays set to music!

Meet Troy Campbell

We spoke with Troy Campbell, the man behind The North Pole Christmas lights display, about the history behind his original creation in Kaukauna!

  • When did you start The North Pole and what was your inspiration? 
    • We started displaying The North Pole seven years ago. I was critically injured with a broken neck and dislocated left arm caused by being injured by a drunk driver. After being out of work for two years, I decided I wanted to help people who were not able to help themselves. I noticed that more and more people were going without food and that many of our senior citizens were forgotten at Christmas. My son-in-law, Robert stepped forward to help me and we vowed to make every one of the children and senior citizens feel important and forget about their worries while they are here.
  • What is your favorite part of The North Pole?
    • My favorite part is seeing the children and others smiles and get excited about seeing what The North Pole has to offer.
  • Tell us more about you. What keeps you busy? What fills your free time?
    • My wife and I are busy caring for our son, Christopher, who is on a ventilator and feeding tube which require constant care in our home. We also have another son that we care for that is autistic. We also enjoy helping to care for our young grandchildren. In my free time, I am always thinking about Christmas. I am what you call beyond obsessed with Christmas. If I had my way, it would be Christmas every day. My neighbors find it amusing that my son-in-law and I are building Christmas displays in July.

The Details

  • 2021 LOCATION: The North Pole, N5207 Lemke Rd, Chilton
    • OLD Locations: Kaukauna Industrial Park (Corner of Badger Rd. and Prospect Ln.) and Rusty Court, Kaukauna
  • When: November 12, 2021 – January 2, 2022
  • Hours:
    • Open Daily from 5 – 9 pm
    • Closed Christmas Eve
  • Find updates on Facebook!

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