65 Restaurants with Outdoor Dining in the Green Bay Area to Visit this Summer

Plank Road Outdoor Dining

Hello, summer! Hello, sunshine! Here are lots of options to eat out with your family outdoors, meet up with a friend, or schedule that much needed date night in the Green Bay area.

Before you head out, check to make sure if reservations are needed. Some outdoor seating is first come first served, so you might have a short wait. Don’t forget your sunscreen, we’ve been surprised by a sunburn acquired during a Sunday brunch!

Editor’s Note: Some of these businesses are still working on reopening. Email govalleykids@gmail.com or comment below if we missed your favorite spot. Also, we would love to add your feedback. Whats to love about it?

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Waterfront Dining

General Outdoor Dining

Coffee, Brunch, Lunch & Snacks with Outdoor Seating

Food Trucks

Date Night Outdoor Dining: Cocktails & Snacks

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