17 Ways to Show Kindness on Random Act of Kindness Day on February 17th!

Kindness is a conditional trait that can produce unlimited positivity. The act of kindness serves a much deeper purpose, too: a valuable lesson in service, compassion, and gratitude for children. 

Even the smallest act can send a powerful message! How will you promote kindness on February 17th?

17 Ways to Show Kindness

  1. Shovel a neighbor’s driveway
    With winter in full swing, take care of the fluffy stuff and surprise a neighbor on a busy morning!
  2. Compliment a classmate 
    Praise a fellow student for a job well done – or better yet, aim to complement each one!
  3. Put others first 
    Use your talents and skills to pass kindness into others – see how Aubree shared her talents with local veterans!
Aubrees Blankets for Veterans Kimberly
Dropping off blankets at Eagle Point Senior Living, Appleton, Nov. 2020
  1. Bring treats to the fire or police station 
    Prepackaged snacks are always great for our front-line workers, who are always on the go!
  2. Stock up a neighborhood blessing box or donate books to a Little Free Library
    Check out the list of these boxes in our area, along with donation ideas!
child adding books and food to Little Free Pantry in Appleton
Little Free Pantry, Badger Elementary School, Appleton
  1. Make a friend a hot cup of cocoa!
    Brr, it’s cold out – warm a heart and belly with a cocoa bomb. Find them at many local cafes and bakeries! 
hot cocoa bomb from All Tied Up surrounded by marshmallows by
  1. Share with a sibling
    Share a favorite toy, treat, or even the remote with your siblings!
  2. Leave kindness stones at the park 
    Paint or write inspirational messages on rocks and leave them in public places on benches, ledges, and on playgrounds
Fox Valley Rocks
  1. Draw a picture for a friend
    Brighten their day with unique artwork or even a poem!
  2. Refresh supplies in the classroom
    Replenish pencils, markers, crayons, folders, glue, or other supplies in the classroom to surprise the teacher and benefit other students.
  3. Post positive or uplifting notes around your community!
    I recently found this one at Burlington while waiting in the checkout!
  1. Leave a surprise snack and note for the mail carrier
    Mail carriers are used to leaving letters in your box – turn the table and leave one for them!
  2. Create sweet Valentine’s for those at local nursing homes and put a smile on their face!
    Find out where to send them here!
  3. Leave a secret dollar in the vending machine 
    Load an extra dollar or two at a vending machine so the next person can enjoy a treat and save their dollar or pass it on!
  4. Surprise a parent 
    Complete chores without being asked or help with a task around the house—parents will especially appreciate the gesture!
  5. Hold the door for someone
    Regardless of where you are, hold the door with a smile 
  6. Round up your change 
    Many small businesses have charitable foundations they donate to. Round up your next purchase for a good cause! 

Want to make it a truly random act of kindness?

Use the generator graphic below for some inspiration! 

random act of kindness generator

Even a smile can change someone’s day and who knows, you may just make a friend! What is one special way you show kindness? Let us know on social media with #GoValleyKids 

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