10 Igloo-Style Family Dining Options in the Fox Valley and Beyond

Domes Fratellos Wisconsin

There is no shortage of delicious eats in the Fox Valley area or beyond, and this winter, many restaurants are enhancing dining experiences for customers with heated outdoor domes. These unique arrangements allow families to safely social distance while enjoying a meal together and charms kids with their globe-shaped, igloo appearance. So, bundle up and check out one of these amazing restaurants with domes for your next family night out! 

What To Expect 

Each establishment may have specific policies for booking its domes, so be sure to check before visiting. These conditions are a general rule of thumb for the restaurants on this list: 

  • Reservations are for a 90-minute time slot  
  • All food and drinks must be purchased on-site, no carry-ins allowed
  • No pets are allowed in the domes
  • Diners are responsible for any damage to the domes or furnishings 
  • Food and beverage minimums may apply 
Chocolate Mousse Cake, River Domes at Fratellos

Explore the River Domes at Fratellos

Nestled along the river, Fratellos in Appleton welcomes families with a picturesque view of the Fox River, a charming historical feel, and exceptional service. Along with a decadent menu filled with fresh gourmet pizzas, pasta, seafood, and sweet desserts. You can also pre-order party boards or beverage packages including a fun s’mores board complete with marshmallows for roasting. With dome dining, families have an opportunity to share a cozy meal outside in a lit, decorative dome and support a local business in their community. 

Three River Domes are available by reservation and can comfortably fit up to eight guests, making them perfect for families of all sizes. Domes can be reserved for 90 minutes, and while there is no rental fee, there are food and beverage minimums based on the day. Minimums are waived for walk-ins if domes are available. Due to their popularity, reservations are still highly encouraged. 

Inside the spacious transparent domes, diners can connect their favorite playlist with the wireless speakers, relax, converse, and savor togetherness. The domes are carpeted, tastefully decorated, and have a zippered tent-like door. There is a variety of seating layouts available, including benches, chairs, and cocktail tables, and a larger dining table can be arranged. Each dome is equipped with its own heaters that you’re able to adjust as needed. We were told that we were welcome to bring blankets along but on a 30-degree day found that we didn’t even need to keep on our coats.  

When your meals are ready, a server will promptly deliver dinner right to your dome! Since domes are private, families can opt to be unmasked even when not dining or drinking. However, all staff will be masked and for the safety of your server, masks should be worn when placing your order and interacting with staff. Domes are also meticulously cleaned and sanitized between parties ensuring families have a safe and enjoyable experience. 

  • Three River Domes, each seats up to 8
  • Equipped with wireless speaker, heater, lights, and comfy seating
  • No rental fee, but food minimum based on the day of the week
  • Party boards and beverage packages need to be ordered three days ahead
  • 501 W. Water Street, Appleton
  • 920-993-9087
  • View Menu 
Leaps & Bounds, Titletown District Green Bay
Leaps & Bounds, Titletown District Green Bay

Domes Throughout the Fox Valley

  • Mr. Brew’s Taphouse, Appleton 
    • One Brew-Gloo Patio Dome, seats up to 6
    • Equipped with wireless speakers and heater 
    • $50 deposit to reserve, deposit applies toward total food bill 
    • 201 Riverheath Way, Appleton
    • 920-815-3516
    • Menu
  • The Watermark Restaurant at DoubleTree by Hilton, Appleton
    • Two Igloo Domes, each seats up to 6
    • Equipped with a heater
    • No rental fee, but $100 food minimum 
    • 150 S. Nicolet Road, Appleton 
    • 920-735-9955
  • Fox River Brewing Company, Oshkosh
    • Three River Domes, each seat up to 8
    • Equipped with wireless speakers and heater
    • No rental fee, but food minimum based on day
    • 1501 Arboretum Drive, Oshkosh
    • 920-232-2337
    • Menu
  • Hinterland Brewery, Ashwaubenon 
    • Three Igloos; Two seats 8, one seats 6
    • Equipped with heaters, the smaller dome has an inside fireplace 
    • $75 rental fee, no food minimum 
    • 1001 Lombardi Access Road, Ashwaubenon
    • 920-438-8050
  • Hagemeister Park, Green Bay
    • Three Riverside Igloos; each seats up to 8
    • Equipped with heater, pillows, blankets, candles, music & board games
    • $100 rental fee, no food minimum 
    • 325 N. Washington Street, Green Bay
    • 920-884-9909
    • Menu
  • Tavern in the Sky at Lodge Kohler, Green Bay
    • Two Lodge Kohler Domes, each seats up to 6
    • Equipped with heater, comfy chairs, pillows, rug, and a small table 
    • No rental fee, but $50/person for Leaps & Bounds Appetizer & Drink package
    • 1950 S. Ridge Road, Green Bay
    • 920-327-4600  
    • Menu

Domes Beyond the Fox Valley

  • Robinia Courtyard, Madison 
    • Seven Dining Domes, each seats up to 6
    • Equipped with adjustable heater, seating, and music 
    • $50 deposit to reserve, deposit applies toward total food bill 
    • Special Note: All diners must live in the same household and each dome is only rented once per day
    • 829 E. Washington Avenue, Madison
    • 608-478-0181    
    • Menu
  • Cafe’ Benelux, Milwaukee 
    • Six Rooftop Lux Domes, each seats up to 8
    • Equipped with heater, lounge-style seating, and festive lighting 
    • No rental fee, but $25/person – includes a keepsake camp mug, plus the cost of food
    • Special Note: For families with older children 21+ only
    • 346 N. Broadway, Milwaukee
    • 414-501-2500
    • Menu
  • Zisters, Elm Grove
    • Eight Igloos, each seats up to 8
    • Equipped with heater, blankets, and patio chairs 
    • $150 rental fee – includes drink package, plus the cost of food 
    • 13425 Watertown Plank Road, Elm Grove
    • 262-794-3924
    • Menu

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