10 Cute Ways to Ask How Your Kid’s Day Was (Without Asking How their Day Was)

talking about How was school

You pick your kiddo(s) up from school or daycare and you ask them “How was your day?” and your answer? “I don’t know” or, worse, just a shrug. Maybe it’s from asking such an open-ended question or maybe it’s because they’re just tired. Just don’t give up!

Sometime a child really does need a chance to decompress and relax before chatting about their day. Take their cues and if he or she is not receptive to talking right when they’re picked up/dropped off then try asking them after their after-school snack or during dinnertime.

Here are 10 cute ways to ask how your kid’s day was (without actually asking how their day was). Try asking one of these a day to see which your child most responds to.

  1. What was your favorite thing you did today?
  2. What moment did you enjoy today?
  3. What’s something interesting that happened to you today?
  4. Did you make or create anything today?
  5. Who did you sit by during lunch/snacktime?
  6. What’s something funny the teacher said today?
  7. What made you bored today?
  8. Tell me one thing you learned today.
  9. If you were the teacher for the day, what would you do differently?
  10. Try to know their specific school schedule so you can ask them specific questions from their day. Example: Today was library day, what did the librarian read to your group/class? Today was gym day, what games did you play?

Listen to when your child is talking. There are many distractions that you’re thinking about. Dinner, who has practice tonight, you need to stop by the post office, and many more. However, children know when they’re being ignored or not paid attention to, so when he or she is answering your question about their day give them your undivided attention.

Another tip is if you ask your child questions about their day and then it turns into a conversation, keep it going! If your child asks, “Who did you sit by at lunch, mommy/daddy?”  then answer! You don’t have to tell them specifically but you can say  “I went to lunch with my co-worker” or “I ate by myself but I sat outside because it was so nice out!”

Having a conversation with your child about his or her day is important! Sometimes it just takes a different way of asking to get them to open up.

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