Finding the Best School for your Family in the Fox Valley – Questions to Ask

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Are you looking at different school options for your kids? Here are some questions to consider when selecting a school for your child.

The bottom line on choosing a school is … YOU are interviewing the school’s teacher(s) and principal and looking at their classrooms and the school environment to determine if it is a good fit for YOU and YOUR family. Lots of families are happy at lots of different schools. You have to find the one that is right for you. Have fun and best of luck in selecting a school for you and your family!

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  • How far are you willing to drive to school? Is bussing an option from your house? Is it a need for your family?
  • Do you want the school to be at your home parish if you belong to a particular religious community?
  • Is the school close in your neighborhood? Close to home? How long is the commute?

Class & School Environment

  • What does a normal school day look like? School Hours? Calendar? Does the school offer an after-school extended care program?
  • How many students per teacher?
  • Are classroom helpers/volunteers welcome?
  • Does the teacher differentiate instruction? (Would your child who was struggling get additional help without being singled out and likewise, if he was excelling in a subject, would he be accelerated in the topic?)
  • What are the learning goals for that particular grade? (In other words, what do they teach your child? Is it aligned with state standards?)
  • How are the lessons plans carried out?
  • Do the children in the same grade (but with different teachers) have a chance to interact (not including lunch and recess)?
  • Do the children interact with other grades?
  • Does it matter to you if your child has to switch schools to enter a junior high school or would you prefer one school from kindergarten through eighth grade?


  • How does the teacher/principal interact with you? Your child? Other children? Does it make you feel comfortable?
  • What written information do you get daily, weekly, and/or monthly so you know what activities your child has been doing in school?
  • How do the teachers monitor your child’s development?
  • How often are parent-teacher conferences so you can talk one-on-one about your child’s progress?
  • What is the school’s discipline policy?


  • Do you want your child to be exposed to your religion/faith?
  • Is religion a part of the daily routine? Do they attend service?


  • What are tuition costs?
  • What are the hourly/weekly/monthly fees?


  • Do you want to be a part of a school that offers Spanish, music, gym, library, and art classes?
  • Can you help out in the classroom and/or field trips? What are other ways that parents are encouraged to become involved?
  • What is the school community like? Is there a parent association? 

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