Bumper Cars and Bumper Boats

Bumper Cars at Funset Boulevard

There is something really great about watching your kid’s face light up the first time they crash into another bumper car. My oldest son spent an entire summer when he was around 5 or 6 desperately wanting to be tall enough for the bumper cars at Bay Beach. Each time we would visit, he would head straight to the bumper car pavilion to check his height on the guide posted on the outside wall. He’s now 10; big enough to ride alone and it’s still one of his favorite rides.

If your kids are itching to get behind the wheel, we’ve got you covered. Here is a list of attractions that offer bumper cars or boats either in Northeast Wisconsin. Bonus, bumper cars are pretty fun for us parents too!

Bumper Cars Locations

  • Bay Beach Amusement Park – Outdoor
    1313 Bay Beach Road, Green Bay, Wisconsin

  • Funset Boulevard – Indoor
    3916 W College Ave, Appleton, Wisconsin

    • Cost: Tickets are $2 each, Unlimited Wristbands include bumper cars
    • Height: 40 inches. These are single rider cars so there isn’t an option of having little ones ride with a grown up
    • www.funset.com

Bumper Boats Locations

  • Kastle Park
    2301 North Irwin Ave, Green Bay, Wisconsin
    (Across from Bay Beach)

    • Cost: $5.75, Passenger $2.00 (under 49″) with paid adult
    • Height: Drivers must be 50 inches or taller, Kids under 49 inches can ride along
    • www.kastlepark.com
  • Fondy Sports Park
  • N5820 Cty Rd. D, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin
    • Cost: $6 each or discounted if you buy multiple tickets at once, Unlimited passes are also available
    • Height: 36 inches
    • www.fondysportspark.com

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