10 Reasons to Love Bay Beach & 2021 Opening Dates

Bay Beach Green Bay

2020 Opening Day: May 1, 2021
See a full calendar with variable hours and days throughout the season: Bay Beach Calendar 2021

Bay Beach is following the Covid-19 guidelines, recommendations, and best practices for the amusement park industry. Some rides may not be open again in 2021. Watch their Facebook for updates.

If you are from this area, you probably have fond memories of visiting Bay Beach Amusement Park as a kid. I know I do. My mother’s employer held their company picnic there every summer. I also went many times on family outings and school field trips. If you are new to the area, you need to go and check out this gem of Northeast Wisconsin! {check out all these cute pictures}

It’s so cool to watch your kids grow with the rides offered there. They start out on the little race cars and as the years go by, pretty soon they are big enough for the roller coaster! My oldest could not wait to be tall enough for the bumper cars! It was great to see the exhilaration and pride on his face that first ride.

The past couple of years have been a very exciting time at Bay Beach. They have added new rides like the Sea Dragon and Zippin Pippen Roller Coaster, yet prices have not increased! They are adding even more new rides this year and next. If you are looking to check out it this summer, whether it be for the first time or the hundredth time, here are some reasons to love Bay Beach!

  1. There is No Admission Charge!

    The only thing you’ll need to purchase is tickets for the rides and you can purchase as few or as many as you want. You never have to worry about buying admission tickets for everyone and then someone gets sick or the kids chicken out and don’t want to ride any rides!

  2. Tickets are Only .25?!

    A quarter! Tickets are only a quarter! And a lot of the little kid rides only take one ticket. You cannot find a better deal than that anywhere else. Even the roller coaster is only 4 tickets. Where else could you ride a roller coaster for only a buck?

  3. The tickets do not Expire

    Bought more tickets than you needed today? Save them for your next visit! Stash them in your diaper bag!

  4. Parking is Free

    Another extra expense avoided!

  5. Food Options Galore

    There are several concession stands located throughout the park to either have lunch, dinner, or just a yummy treat! You can also pack your own picnic lunch. There are also several pavilions available to rent for family outings or birthday parties.

  6. Something for Everyone

    No matter what age your kids are, they will find something they like at Bay Beach. It truly has rides for toddlers, kids, teens, and adults of all ages!

  7. It’s Close By

    Depending on where you live, it’s only about a 30-45 minute drive from the Fox Valley to Bay Beach!

  8. It is owned by the City of Green Bay

    Bay Beach is part of the Green Bay Parks System. I love this because I suspect that if it was owned by a person or corporation rather than the city, we would see an end to the free admission and parking, etc. The city of Green Bay has done an awesome job keeping Bay Beach family-friendly and affordable.

  9. It has awesome neighbors

    Right across the street from Bay Beach is a separate establishment, Kastle Park which features mini-golf, go-carts, and many other activities. Down the street is Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary, an awesome nature center, and wildlife refuge. They have animal displays, ducks, and geese to feed, and way cool tunnel slide in the main building. Parking and admission are free, too! Although donations are always welcome!

  10. The rides — seriously, the rides are awesome! My personal favorite is still the train, but I’m also a roller coaster fan. Click here for a full list of the rides. The Ferris Wheel was introduced in 1952, and it is still welcoming thrill-seekers, young and old alike!
Bay Beach Green Bay

Bay Beach Amusement Park

313 Bay Beach Rd, Green Bay, Wisconsin

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  1. Nicole Virant

    Great post Kelly!

    The two I might add: #1 They have two fun parks to play on if you want to arrive early and avoid the crowds. #2 They have bathrooms located on both ends of the park, which is great for that newly potty trained toddler.

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