NEW Podcast Episode! Let’s Talk About Reading & Literacy

Lets Talk Podcast

As part of our partnership with The Women’s Fund of OshkoshGo Oshkosh Kids will be bringing you Let’s Talk! — an interactive monthly podcast to connect with local experts that will help us to tackle some of the biggest challenges in parenting. We’ll share tools to help start conversations with our kids that strengthen our relationships while navigating tricky topics like smart internet use, body image, friendships, relationships, and more.

On our third episode of Let’s Talk, Amanda Chavez and guest co-host, Tania Harrison are joined by Kallie Schell and Kelly Steinke to talk about reading and sharing stories with our kids, ideas for encouraging more reading, and when to worry about our reluctant readers. How can we fit more time for reading into our schedules? Where do we get help if we’re worried about our learning readers? And how do we know if we need help in the first place? We tackle these questions and more with help from our guests. Listen now!

Check out our previous episodes Let’s Talk About Helping Kids Navigate Life Online and Let’s Talk About Family Wellness & Connection.

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