Breathtaking Ice Castles in Lake Geneva return in 2021

This winter, Lake Geneva is home to a massive and magical ice castle built using thousands and thousands of icicles. Ice Castles LLC began as an experiment of one dad, Brent Christensen, building with ice in Utah for his daughter and has grown yearly, now including locations throughout cold-weather spots across the United States and in Canada. Ethereal Ice Castles can also be found this year in Minnesota, Utah, New Hampshire, and Colorado, as well as Alberta.

The Ice Castes are expected to open late-January. Tickets will go on sale the week before.

Ice Castles Wisconsin Dells

What to Expect From a Visit to Ice Castles

  • Purchase your tickets ahead of time on their website to ensure that you’re able to enter: Ice Castles Tickets
  • Your ticket will be timed and plan to arrive during the 30-minute window of your tickets which can be delivered right to your phone. You can stay as long as your family wants to stay once you’re there, but there is no re-entry allowed. Ticket times can be changed when there is at least 24 hours’ notice.
  • Dress warmly and wear sensible winter footwear. The paths are 8 inches of crushed ice and snow. They compare walking on the paths to walking on a beach. Depending on the weather, some spots may be slippery.
  • Ice Castles are not created to meet handicap accessibility standards. The grounds are bumpy and not firm. It is not recommended that people using wheelchairs sensitive to bumps visit the Ice Castle. Wheelchairs are welcome if the bumpy and uneven terrain is not a problem.
  • Service animals are the only pets allowed inside the Ice Castle.
  • Parking is on-site.

Tips to Maximize your Ice Castle Enjoyment

  • Bring a sled for little kids! As above, the paths are not all easy going and there is a lot of space to cover. Having a sled along will increase everyone’s enjoyment. I am all for having an overworked arm instead of overworked patience.
  • There are no food options on-site. Bringing along snacks and warm drinks will help keep everyone happy.
  • As the sun sets, the Ice Castle lights up. If you plan your arrival shortly before sunset you’ll catch both the day and nighttime experiences without wearing out your youngest family members.
  • There are slides! The longer slide regularly has a wait time upwards of 30 minutes but the shorter slide has a much shorter line.
  • As with all winter activities, don’t forget to hit up a bathroom before you start your adventure.
  • Don’t forget your camera and/or have some storage space clear on your phone!

Special thanks to Martina Hunt and her family for these awesome pictures! Enjoy this video as well!

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362 thoughts on “Breathtaking Ice Castles in Lake Geneva return in 2021”

  1. Avatar

    My favorite family activity this winter was cuddling up on the couch with hot cocoa and watching Christmas movies with my family.

    1. Avatar

      Visiting the nutcracker exhibit at the Paine with my son, mom, sil, niece and nephew. It’s so neat to see our toddlers eyes aglow.

  2. Avatar

    Spending time with the family enjoying the outdoor activities including sledding and shoeing and loving snow days when we can stay in a PJs all day!

  3. Avatar

    It’s funny, we haven’t really had a chance to do all the “normal” winter stuff yet this year due to weird schedules… However, we were just introduced to the Bergstrom Mahler Glass Museum this winter and have ended up there 3 times – my favorite thus far was today when my 10 yr old son and I got to cruise around to our hearts’ content and he refused to leave until we finished the “scavenger hunt” LOL

  4. Avatar

    Our best time has been spent having family dance parties in the living room 🙂 We’re small business owners so we make time where we can. It’d be fun to take our kiddos on an adventure!

  5. Avatar
    Angela Ver Kuilen

    Ice fishing at Hartmans Creek State Park. Caught lots of northern and the kids enjoyed hot chocolate, bringing in the fish, and walking around in the woods. Not to mention we saw bald eagles souring over us. 🙂

  6. Avatar

    Reuniting with family members and going out to see Christmas lights in a big group. Staying home was just as fun playing different games as pie face and googley eyes!

  7. Avatar

    Can’t pick between building slides out of snow in the front yard, or just dancing in the kitchen when it was too cold to play outside.

  8. Avatar

    I can’t decide if it’s building slides in the front yard or dancing in the kitchen on the days that are too cold to go outside

  9. Avatar

    Watching my kids play basketball almost every weekend since November. We’re in the process of planning a trip to WI Dells to celebrate the season.

  10. Avatar

    We haven’t been able to do much for family time this winter so far. Someone is always working. The only time we have all been together was on Christmas Day because everyone was closed .

  11. Avatar

    My favorite thing I have done this winter with my family is playing in the snow and shoveling. My 3 year old daughter learned how to shovel this winter and she watches out the window everyday so we can go back out side and shovel again!

  12. Avatar

    The best days of winter for us are the simple days that consist of hot chocolate, baking cookies, sledding, movies and board games!

  13. Avatar

    We enjoy every year looking at Christmas lights the week before christmas on a limo bus with our 4 kids and a few other families.

  14. Avatar

    Snuggling up with my 9 and 6 year old in my big bed and watching movies and staying warm while the wind blows like crazy outside.

  15. Avatar

    My favorite thing we did as a family this winter was me watching my hubby and son get a joy out of snowmobiling through the yard. The laughter of these 2 is priceless! And i got to watch from the warmth of inside!

  16. Avatar
    Samantha Berger

    My favorite thing so far has been sledding (we have a nice hill in our backyard) and coming inside to enjoy hot cocoa. Each family member has their own snowman mug. I would like to add going to see the ice castles as our favorite winter activity! My 2 year old is in awe of castles and this would blow her mind!

  17. Avatar

    A trip to the local indoor water park with our old neighbors! Kids had so much fun and we got to catch up, relax, and enjoy the kids’ smiles!

  18. Avatar

    My Grandkids are Valley Kids and always busy with everything offered in area! Would love them to see the Ice Castles too, with their busy parents! Thanks

  19. Avatar

    Our favorite was serving together as actors in the “Streets of Bethlehem” at AAC. It was my first time and I was nervous about staying in character as people walked through and interacted with me. But the time of our shift flew by and it was fun and easier than I thought!

  20. Avatar

    My sister and I took our boys to the Wildlife Sanctuary in Green Bay for a winter scavenger hunt! The weather was mild, the animals were active and the ducks were hungry! Great homeschool field trip!

  21. Avatar

    We took our kids to Chicago just before Christmas to see the lights and go ice skating and it was one of the best family time we’ve had!

  22. Avatar
    Melissa williams

    Looking at Christmas lights and watching Christmas movies while drinking hot chocolate and eating cookies.

  23. Avatar

    Taking my 4 year old to all the Christmas lights around town. I loved seeing him excited as I’m also hoping to have a bigger display next year.

  24. Avatar

    Mini vacation to House on the Rock and Cave of the Mounds with an overnight hotel stay to get some swimming in. Great family time!

  25. Avatar

    We loved ice skating and snow tubing at Tittletown, going to the streets of Bethelem in the AAC, visiting the North Pole in Kaukauna.

  26. Avatar
    Danielle Schueller

    We haven’t done as much outdoors as I’d like, but we’ve been playing a lot of games together this winter!

  27. Avatar

    So many fun memories already this winter. Looking at lights, Titletown ice skating, streets of Bethlehem to name a few. We’ve always wanted to see the ice castles too!!??

  28. Avatar

    Driving around looking at lights. Including the Festival of Lights and the North Pole. A family tradition since I was little.

  29. Avatar

    Not good winter playing weather so far so my favorite thing this winter was watching the classic National Lampoons Christmas Vacation in the theatre.

  30. Avatar
    Jessica Spaltner-penney

    So far our favorite things was going to see the Garden of lights for the first time. It was beautiful.

  31. Avatar

    We had a great trip with some counsins to the cabin where we went snowmobiling, ice fishing and made great memories playing games. We also went snowboarding for the day. Great couple days with family from Minnesota

    1. Avatar

      Enjoying the snow with our little ones! Snow angels, sledding and building a snowman. It is so cute to see the littlest all bundled up in her snow gear!

  32. Avatar

    My favorite thing so far was playing “ice hockey” on the frozen pond with our son. The pure joy on his face when he came up with the idea was awesome!

  33. Avatar

    Building a snow fort in the yard, playing ice princess and cuddling up under blankets to a movie with hot cocoa.

  34. Avatar

    We took the grandkids to Lincoln Park Zoo and the conservatory the morning after Christmas since it was 60* in Chicago and we arrived at feeding time so all the animals were out and active. A perfect morning followed by lunch in the city.

  35. Avatar

    Our favorite was meeting our new baby nephew/cousin while spending time with family. Time with family is such a beautiful and necessary thing!

  36. Avatar

    We went to the Great Wolf Lodge in the Dells…Our 1st overnight adventure with our newest baby & other kiddos! ?

  37. Avatar

    My twin girls and I love to make Christmas cookies and tell stories of special people in our lives that have passed away as a way to remember them.

  38. Avatar

    Making new traditions with my family and getting outside to try new activities like sledding and building a snowman

  39. Avatar

    Our family has never been to the Ice Castles! We’d love to go. We’ve enjoyed taking advantage of the nice weather by hiking, snowboarding, or taking the dog for a run:)

  40. Avatar

    So far our favorites include sledding, spending time at our cottage, swimming (thanks to your Indoor Swimming Pool Roundup post!), and seeing lights at the Botanical Gardens.

  41. Avatar

    On the days it’s been to cold to go out my toddler asks to make tea and read a big pile of books together. Christmas books have been a favorite.

  42. Avatar

    First time skiing for my 7th grader! She did extremely well. The others went tubing but I think we are going to all go try the slopes next time. Beautiful views here in Wisconsin.

  43. Avatar

    I have not had anytime to do anything fun w my children outdoors in the cold weather, and would love this to be the experience for them to cherish and enjoy with me. This looks so fun and we would all love to check this out! I work so much and never have time, but I would gladly make time to check this out

  44. Avatar

    Our son (16 yo) came to visit us for Christmas and we all went ice skating at Titletown (green bay). None of us (I’m 51) ever been ice skating before and we did great!

  45. Avatar

    My neighbors have built a snow hill coming off their deck. I’ve enjoyed watching my kids play with our new neighbors on it.

  46. Avatar

    All of the Christmas lights! Oshkosh Festival of Lights, Darboy lights, the North Pole, Ben’s Wish, and just driving around town. And this weekend we finally had good snow for the first snowman in our new place

  47. Avatar

    Making a little snow hill in our backyard with my 5 year old and pushing him down. He had so much fun on our little hill trying to go a little farther each time.

  48. Avatar

    Christmas vacation to spend time with our families in Kansas. It was 60 degrees on Christmas day. Also love cuddling up with good movies and watching the snow fall with a nice fire in the fireplace.

  49. Avatar

    We’ve had so much fun sledding in our backyard and going skiing. Would like to add ice castles to our list too!

  50. Avatar
    Michelle McGlin

    Family movie nights with homemade popcorn by my husband. It is the best when it is snowing out and you can leave the curtains open, dim the lights and watch the move all cuddled up together!!

  51. Avatar

    Our favorite things so far have been building a snow fort, making snow ice cream and looking at all the little snowflakes with magnifying glass. They are so intricate and beautiful.

  52. Avatar
    Sarah Van Boxtel

    Going to see Frozen 2 as a family!! The kids would be ecstatic to see the ice castles as it would seem like they are in a real life frozen movie!! 🙂

  53. Avatar

    The best thing was watching our son, who is 8, go down to a neighbor’s house and shovel her driveway without being asked or told to do so ??

  54. Avatar

    So, thinking back on things so far, I’d say our most fun we’ve all had together was at my mom’s house Christmas Eve!! It’s the best time of the winter when we get together with family!

  55. Avatar
    Leslie Durocher

    Christmas at my sister-in-laws house. My oldest son is in the Army and came home from deployment so it was extra special.

  56. Avatar

    Being short on money, because after almost 5 years at my job I was let go between Christmas and New Year’s, we haven’t done anything that costs money. My oldest turns 16 and youngest turns 11 at the beginning of February. Four tickets would allow me to take my 3 children; we’d be so grateful.

  57. Avatar

    Building a snow fort with my 3yo daughter! Brings me back to my child hood! She is a huge Frozen fan! Would love to take her to see “Elsa’s Castle”!!!??

  58. Avatar

    Our favorite winter activity has been sledding! We have found some great local hills that have kept us busy for hours!

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