Wisconsin August Tax Holiday 2018

Tax Holiday

From Wednesday, August 1st through Sunday, August 5th, a tax holiday will allow Wisconsin parents and students to purchase back-to-school items and clothing without sales tax.

Tax Exempt Items:

Items such as textbooks, art supplies, and personal protective equipment are not included in the tax exemption. Find a list of items not included here:
Sales Tax Holiday Taxable Items List

Good to Know:

  • No coupon, voucher, etc is necessary.
  • The exemption will apply to items purchased online and their shipping fees if the seller accepts payment during the tax holiday.
  • Items on backorder qualify if paid for during the sales tax holiday.
  • Returns within 60 days of the holiday will not include tax in the refund price.
  • Exchanges for similar items after the holiday will not have tax added. However, if you get in-store credit to purchase a new item it will be taxed.
  • Items over the price thresholds stated will have tax on the entire cost of the item. If a pair of shoes is $77, the shoes are taxed at $77, not $2.
  • County, stadium, and resort taxes will also be waived during this tax holiday.
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