The BEST Valentine’s Day Gifts for Pregnant Moms!

Pregnant Mom and Son

If you need a gift for the pregnant woman in your life this Valentine’s Day, look no further. I’ve compiled this handy-dandy list!

  1. Food – The way to a woman’s heart – pregnant or not, really – is through her stomach. We want food, and we want it now. Don’t make us get “hangry!” Find out what she’s been craving, and make it appear. If she’s had a hankering for some cheese fries, take her out for some. Taste of the Windy City has excellent cheese fries, by the way! We don’t need four course dinners, or fancy boxes of chocolates. Just feed her cravings!
  2. Sleep – Pregnant women just want naps. It is truly exhausting creating tiny humans. Especially if this isn’t her first child, she is bound to be extremely tired. I can’t think of a nicer gift, as a mom of five, than someone offering to watch my kids so I can catch a nap!
  3. Spa Day – Any type of pampering is always a good option. When I was pregnant with my twins, I was given a gift certificate for a prenatal massage at Spa Ben Mar Nicos, which was fantastic. A pedicure is also a fabulous idea since she likely cannot reach her own toes anymore!
  4. A Fun Outing** – Now, this may be something you want to run by her first, because she may not be feeling up to it, especially in her first or third trimesters. However, she may want to get out and enjoy a taste of freedom before her free time becomes more scarce. Take her to a concert, a baseball game, or even just a movie**. Bonus points if the outing includes food!
  5. A Clean Home – Pregnant women sometimes get the urge to “nest,” yet it can be difficult to actually get down and deep clean everything like we used to. She might appreciate you hiring someone to do a one time house cleaning.

If you are still unsure of what to get that special pregnant woman in your life this Valentine’s Day … please refer back to numbers 1 and 2!

** This article was written in a time blissfully free of a global pandemic. It is so cold, that many outdoor options might not be on your partner’s list of fun things to do. There are lots of great options for streaming brand new movies from home, rental options for movie theaters, online concerts, and more COVID-safe options. It can be really fun to create a front-row seat from your cozy sofa with your favorite person to a concert, show, or movie.

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