The Ultimate Slides in Northeast Wisconsin!

Ultimate Slides in Northeast Wisconsin

With summer winding down we have a fun challenge for you! Check out these ultimate slides for your adventure kids.

Fritse Park, Neenah

  • Address: 937 North Lake Street, Neenah, Wisconsin

This park is unlike any others in our area. It is built into a hill and definitely for a thrill seeker. For maximum speed make sure you are sporting longer shorts or pants! Make sure to check out the rest of the park or walk across Trestle Trail while you are here. Another fun tip about this park… the bathrooms are open year-round.

Fritse Park
Giant hillside slide, Fritse Park, Neenah, Wisconsin

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Riverside Park, aka The Rocket Park, Neenah

  • Address: 500 East Wisconsin Avenue, Neenah, Wisconsin

This slide has a pretty big hike to the top and is a little difficult for little ones under 3 but its pretty fun! We also like this park because it has the soft ground and we can walk along the water or visit a lighthouse.

Riverside Park, Rocket Park, Neenah
Riverside Park, Neenah, Wisconsin

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Bay Beach Amusement Park, Green Bay

  • Address: 1313 Bay Beach Road, Green Bay, Wisconsin

Slide down this 100 ft slide with a burlap sack. The Giant Slide at Bay Beach costs 1 ticket at 25 cents for each rider. Must be 48 in tall to ride alone. Sorry, no riders under 2 years old.

Bay Beach Amusement Park Green Bay
Giant Slide at Bay Beach Amusement Park, Green Bay, Wisconsin

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Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary, Green Bay

  • Address: 1660 East Shore Drive, Green Bay, Wisconsin

Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary is the perfect place to visit with fun for all ages including animals, exhibits, waterfall and more. This fun slide inside is a dark (and a little scary for some) but is a family favorite.

Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary Green Bay
Slide at Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary, Green Bay, Wisconsin

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Henry Vilas Zoo

  • Address: 702 South Randall Avenue, Madison, Wisconsin

The Henry Vilas Zoo in Madison is one of the only FREE admission (and parking), community sponsored zoos in the country. The zoo is open daily, year-round, with the exception of a few holidays. This park was closed in the early summer for repair but is again open.

Henry Vilas Zoo Park Madison
Slide at the Henry Vilas Zoo Playground, Madison, Wisconsin

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Slippery Rock, Mountain

  • Address: 12436 Chute Dam Lane, Mountain, Wisconsin

This one is also a bit of a drive but was a recommendation from a GVK writer. Silppery Rock is a natural water park with a rock formation that forms a slide. Located in Chute Pond campground and accessible by a short hike across the dam. Keeping reading to learn more!

Do you have any you would add? Comment below!

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Northeast Wisconsin Park Series
Photo Credit: Veronika Richardson






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