It’s a Heat Wave! 10 Things To Do When it is Hot!

Easting Ice Cream in Summer

It is so hot! We’re thankful for summer after the long winter but are looking forward to the return of temperatures under 100F! In the meantime, here are some ideas for things to do when it is hot and enjoy some time with your family!

  1. Air-Conditioned Indoor Spots  – We gathered up a list of places to head inside to super cool air conditioning!
  2. Places to go Swimming – Indoors or out, swimming on a hot day can be so refreshing!
  3. Splash Pads – Can’t get to a pool or beach, cool off at a splash pad!
  4. Head to a Movie – One of our favorite things on a hot day is to head to a movie and snuggle up in a sweatshirt!
  5. Explore a Museum – Museums have the best climate control around!
  6. Cool off on a Beach – Lots of these beaches also get a great breeze off the lake!
  7. Grab Ice Cream – Ice cream for dinner anyone?!?
  8. Dine Out on the Cheap – Don’t heat up the kitchen cooking dinner, head out to one of the spots where kids eat for free or cheap!
  9. Find a New Indoor Playground – Some of the area indoor playgrounds have recently gotten a facelift! Check them out and soak up their cooler temps.
  10. Go To the Library – Libraries have it all: books, children’s programming, play areas, and central air.

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