Shop Local Gift Guide: Find the Perfect Gift for Everyone on Your List!

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Cue the shiny bows, endless rolls of wrapping paper, and finicky tape dispensers – the holiday season is here! This year, instead of popping online or heading to big box stores to begin your holiday shopping, we challenge you to seek out those trinkets and treasures locally.  

Leading up to Christmas, we will be posting unique and inspiring gift guides with ideas for everyone on your list! From the playful kiddo and sweet tooth, down to the minimalist, not only are all the products and services from small businesses within the Fox Valley area, but your gifting will make a major impact.  

Shopping at small businesses goes beyond buying gifts, but instead, it means helping that business owner put food on their family’s tables or put their kids into school sports. It can mean the difference between going without and having extra. Big retailers won’t bat an eye if you shop elsewhere, whereas small business owners will graciously welcome you to their shops. In this season of giving, you can help support those in your community by shopping the quirky little boutiques, neighborhood corner shops and trying out new brand or service!

GVK Shop Local Gift Guides

Stay tuned for these amazing gift guides! 

There are so many benefits to supporting small businesses. Plus, shoppers are more likely to have a positive experience by visiting smaller stores thanks to their personalized service. Most small business owners are willing to go the extra mile to make you happy or help find a specific gift.

Even more, they tend to offer one-of-a-kind products and you support the arts and creativity in your area. Most importantly, shopping in small businesses helps to support our local economy. Who knew you could make such an impact with a little local retail therapy? (We did of course!)

Happy Shopping from Go Valley Kids!

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