Shop Local Gift Guide: For the Caffeine Craver

fika tea gift box
Fika Tea Gift Set from Fika Tea Bar

From candles to french presses and sweet little teapot bike bells, there is no shortage of local gifts for coffee and tea aficionados! Whether you are looking for consumable or trinket-like gifts for a self-proclaimed caffeine craver, simmer over these incredible ideas!

These gift ideas are a part of our Shop Local Series! To show our own love and support for small businesses, we encourage the community to shop local this holiday season. Go Valley Kids is providing these ideas as gifting inspiration and is not being compensated by the businesses listed in our guides. By shopping local, you can find unique gifts for everyone on your list and leave a lasting impact on the many boutiques, shops and businesses found in our wonderful community.

Hand Poured Coffee Candle from Shellattes

Hand Poured Coffee Candle from Shellattes

Fill the home with the savory aroma of coffee with soy wax candles from Shellattes! The tinned candles are hand-poured and eco-friendly! There are also many other coffee-inspired gifts to choose from in addition to gift certificates for beverages, brunch and more.

  • Shellattes, 303 N. Commercial Street, Neenah, (920) 886-3694

‘Fresh Brewed’ Coffee Wall Art from Wild Apple

Surprise your favorite caffeine craver with trendy coffee-inspired art! The retro sign, colored in black, white and red, can be the perfect addition to any coffee lover’s kitchen or coffee bar.

  • Wild Apple, 210 Main Street, Menasha, (920) 886-6636
 Gratitude Blend Coffee from Hey Daisy

 Gratitude Blend Coffee from Hey Daisy

Start the day with gratitude and of course, a hot cup of brew to warm the heart and soul! The blend, made of 100% ground Arabica beans, is made in small batches in the Fox Valley area and offers a rich, lush taste that any giftee would be thankful for.

  • Hey Daisy, 121 E. College Avenue, Appleton, (920) 749-4707

 Filter Drip Pour-Over Glass Coffeemaker from Kaukauna Coffee & Tea

The simple and timeless coffee maker is made of non-porous glass and features a pour-over design to allow coffee to be covered and refrigerated for reheating without losing any flavor.

Chocolate Buzz Cups from Crazy Sweet | Photo Used with Permission

Chocolate Buzz Cups from Crazy Sweet

Coffee and chocolate fans will enjoy this delicious treat; it is truly a perfectly sweet pick-me-up! The cups feature a creamy dark chocolate cappuccino ganache center covered with white chocolate and topped with a dark chocolate espresso bean!

  • Crazy Sweet, 514 W. College Avenue, Appleton, (920) 944-8010

Fika Tea Gift Set from Fika Tea Bar

Slow down and enjoy the finer things in life – and get them under the tree for friends and family! The set includes an exclusive Fika tumbler, straw and cleaning brush set, Lemon Ginger Loose Leaf Tea, and body scrub! There are multiple sets to choose from, including one that includes a unicorn tea infuser!

  • Fika Tea Bar, 207 W. College Avenue, Appleton, (920) 939-3030

Coffee & Cream Foot Soak from Radiance Spa

Give the gift of a relaxing coffee and cream foot soak! Coffee and luxurious honey buttercream come together in a restorative blend to moisturize, soften, and relieve achy feet during a soothing fifteen-minute massage.

  • Radiance Spa, 124 W. Wisconsin Avenue, Suite #125, Neenah, (920) 558-3120
Fresh Bagged Coffee & Mug from Brewed Awakenings | Photo Used with Permission

Fresh Bagged Coffee & Mug from Brewed Awakenings

If you are going for a classic coffee lovers’ gift, pick up a fresh bag and thick beverage mug from Brewed Awakenings! Offerings include whole bean or ground coffee available for auto drip, pour-over, Turkish, or fine grinds. Selections include house blend, Brazil, Columbia, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, and Espresso. Add in a gift card to keep the gift of brew going!

 Fava’s Holiday Gift Box from Fava Tea Company

Tea lovers will enjoy a variety of holiday sips with the holiday tea set. The set includes an infuser and seven (7) one-ounce packs of holiday-themed loose teas, including Winter Blend Black, Snickerdoodle Oolong, Reindeer Drool Herbal, Apple Walnut Crisp Herbal, Dasher’s Delight Green, Pistachio Torte Black, and Sleigh Ride White.

Organic Bergamot Black Tea Soap from Barefoot Gypsies | Photo Used with Permission

Organic Bergamot Black Tea Soap from Barefoot Gypsies

Lather up with a luscious bar of Bergamot Black Tea soap! Made with organic ingredients, there are a variety of decadent scents to choose from Barefoot Gypsies, and all made great gifts!

Glass French Press from LaJava Roasting House

Coffee connoisseurs will enjoy a freshly brewed cup at home with a French Press from LaJava. The brewing device is compact, easy to clean and can whip up many delicious caffeine-laden brews.

Coffee & Mint Body Scrub from The Simple Sparrow

Behold the gift of healthy skin with a coffee and mint toning sugar exfoliant body scrub! The scrub features a blend of organic coffee beans and is infused with peppermint and vanilla essential oils. Together, they work to improve circulation, smooth and firm.

Mini Teapot Bike Bell from Appleton Bike Shop

Tea lovers can travel in style with an adorable, teapot-inspired bike bell. The mini bell takes up less room on handlebars and is the perfect accessory for active tea lovers!

Espresso Infused Maple Syrup from Toast & Co. | Photo Used with Permission

Espresso Infused Maple Syrup from Toast & Co.

Have your morning brew but eat it, too! Pick up a bottle of espresso infused syrup for an extra pick-me-up. The syrup blends Liberation Farm and Mission Coffees infused into a golden syrup.

  • Toast & Co., 2200 Dickinson Road #5, De Pere, (920) 425-3056
‘Coffee Snob’ Shirt from Poppy Avenue Boutique | Photo Used with Permission

‘Coffee Snob’ Shirt from Poppy Avenue Boutique

Coffee snob or fanatic, we’ll let you decide! The ultra-sound tee features six images of different coffee makers, for the true coffee lover, of course. Perfect as a gift or stocking stuffer with a gift card, there are many great clothing finds at Poppy Avenue Boutique.

Matcha Tea Detox Brightening Facial from Fleurish Salon & Skincare Studio

Purchase a gift certificate or book a tea facial for the holidays for someone on your list! The facial aims to detox and brighten the skin with phytonutrients. Matcha tea and includes an hour of pampering with a gentle enzyme mask, exfoliation, and calm facial with lymphatic massage. Service includes a hot foot soak and accompanying Matcha tea detox shot.

Barrel Brown Coffee Ale from ACOCA Coffee

Those looking for the perfect sipper gift will find it in the Barrel Brown Coffee Ale from ACOCA! The brown ale is brewed with fair trade Peru coffee and aged in a rye whiskey barrel with cinnamon sticks. ACOCA, who have been expertly roasting coffee beans for twenty years, also offers bagged coffees, mugs, shirts and other merchandise!

  • ACOCA Coffee, 500 W. College Avenue, Appleton, (920) 993-1458
‘Rise & Grind’ Mug Wall Holder fromBoard & Brush | Photo Used with Permission

‘Rise & Grind’ Mug Wall Holder from Board & Brush

It’s time to rise and get to the grind, grinding fresh coffee that is! This beautiful, farmhouse style mug wall holder is 12 in x 32 in and features a modern black paint finish with white text. It matches any kitchen or coffee nook and helps organize all your favorite mugs.

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