Bear, Heart, and Rainbow Hunt Map: Submit your Listing!


Help us make a fun map!

There are so many awesome ideas floating around for people to add elements to their windows to add elements of fun to everyone’s walks and bike rides. We’ve see hearts, teddy bears, rainbows, stained glass, dinosaurs, and more. It is amazing to see our community coming together to spread a little joy to each other during this time!

Our community is so large that we thought it might be great to have a map to work from when planning your walking, biking, or even Sunday driving routes. We need your help to make it happen though!

If you have something fun in your window for others to spot, let us know by filling out the form below if you’d like to be on our map! You’re welcome to include just your street if you’d rather not share a specific address (just don’t forget city and zip code!). Your name will not be attached to the map or shared anywhere on our website.

We’re working on a number of articles to help families with ideas for how to spend this time, so please allow a 24 hour or so period for your location to be added once our map is up and running!

Thank you for being part of what makes our community an amazing place to raise our families!

Click here to add!

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