Celebrate the Fourth with the Ryford Street Light Show!

Ryford Light Show Fourth of July

When July rolls around, families are no strangers to grilling out, scorching heat waves and the snap, crackle, pop sounds of fireworks that echo through the night. In addition to all that fun, it’s time to add a new tradition to the mix – the Ryford Street Light Show!

Located in Menasha, the Ryford Street Light Show provides families with an opportunity for a free, entertaining night out, complete with a beautiful light show sequenced to music. Just tune in to 89.10 FM on the radio, jam to festive tunes, and celebrate our country’s independence in the comfort of your air-conditioned car!

Show organizer, Shawn Schuessler, has been working hard to get the lights ready for the fourth. The show will consist of multiple song sets and according to the show’s official Facebook page, it will run all weekend to commemorate the holiday. Not only will this event provide a unique way to celebrate July 4th, but it gives families another way to spend valuable together while still practicing safe, social distancing measures.

Since no show is truly complete without snacks, stop by one of these local digs to pick up fresh popcorn and treats before heading to the show!

Families looking to catch a glimpse of this patriotic display can head over to W6065 Ryford Street, Menasha.

The Details

  • When: July 3 – 5, 2020, 9:30 – 11 pm
  • Show Length: 19 minutes
  • Where: W6065 Ryford Street, Menasha
  • Cost: FREE but consider sending a thank you message if you enjoy the show!
  • More Information: Check out the Ryford Street Light Show Facebook Page.

Enjoy the show and Happy Fourth!

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