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Rooster Dreams Summer Art Camp

Rooster Dreams Visual Arts in Neenah, Wisconsin offers art classes and sessions for kids, adults, birthday parties, celebrations, social gatherings, therapy and for fun!

There will be no popsicle art. There will be no noodle necklaces. And there will be no “coloring”. We will have you, your child, your mom, your spouse – whoever it is – creating stuff you want to keep. Stuff you want to show people. Stuff you want to give as gifts. We promise!

Rooster Dreams Art Summer Camp

Eat, drink & paint sessions are featured every week Thursday – Sunday; called “Create & Consume”. Slow-paced, highly successful, guided, step-by-step sessions to ensure quality finished pieces.


Leave one of our visual art sessions confident that the creative juices will continue to flow. Know that the next session attended will be even more inspiring. Feel those synapses firing … a stimulated left brain is a happy brain.


“I have taken several paint classes at Rooster Dreams and really enjoy them. Very relaxing, spacious, and fun. You do not need any artistic talent to create a piece of art. You definitely can fill at home there. I look forward to my next class and highly recommend. I have been to classes at other places and Rooster Dreams is by far my favorite.” – Sandra V.


Summer Art Camps – Camp Feather

We also offer summer camps! Rooster Dreams “Camp Feather” is a week-long visual arts program! Students will spend their time: Drawing & Painting. Building & Creating. Each summer month has a different theme; nature, color & home. Every week incorporates a wide variety of projects. Students can enroll for multiple camps, as each will be a unique experience!

  • Drawing & Painting. Building & Creating.
  • June, July & August
  • 2 hours a day, week-long
  • Downtown Neenah
  • Ages: 7 – 14+

“Camp Feather was an awesome experience for my 4th grade son. He was so excited to tell me about his art and projects. Thank you for teaching this camp!” – Cece H.

Camp Feather Art Neenah


More Information about Rooster Dreams

Rooster Dreams Visual Arts is located within Downtown Neenah’s Marketplace, upstairs at 124 W Wisconsin Ave, Ste 235, Neenah, Wisconsin,

For more information call (920) 850-2564, visit or

This sponsored article about Rooster Dreams Summer Camps is part of our 2018 Summer Camp Guide.

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