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Have you heard about Pony Playce in Appleton?

Pony Playce is located just a short drive down Lynndale in north Appleton and is the absolute fairytale experience for families. Nestled in a relaxing and beautiful landscape where children enjoy the opportunity to hear an entertaining pony related story, learn about and participate in pony care, have a lead line pony ride, and groom the pony all in a modern stable setting. Its also the perfect introduction to ponies for little ones.



Pony Playce

Themed Pony Play Dates

Themed Pony Play Date allow children an opportunity to wear outfits matching their chosen theme: knights, cowboys, cowgirls, princesses, fairies, etc. Children may dress up in their own favorite costumes for the occasion or select one of ours to wear. Princesses and fairies may enjoy a tea party with a pony, while knights can joust and cowboys and cowgirls can have lasso practice.



Pony Playce

Each play date is customized to meet the needs and interests of guests.


pony playce


Pony Playce also offerins other fun events. Follow on facebook for more information on custom photoshoots, mini sessions, craft nights, mom night outs and more!


Pony Playce

Meet the Owner

Linda McLernon, the owner of Pony Playce, has been enjoying participating in children’s education for over 20 years.  Whether as a lead teacher and program developer for preschoolers, Sunday school teacher, 4-H youth leader, substitute teacher for grades K-8, or choir mom, Linda delights in spending her time with youngsters.  Linda is now combining her passion for children’s education with her passion for ponies, and has achieved her longtime dream of opening her stables to children. Her new business, Pony Playce, derives its unique spelling from the desire to convey the playfulness that will be a part of every Pony experience.


For more information

Pony Playce
N2757 Alphorn Ln, Appleton, WI 54913
(920) 931-2918

Visit us on facebook!

Pony Playce



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4 thoughts on “Pony Playce, Appleton”

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    Is there info on pricing and reservations? Or do they just recommend calling? Is it pretty much all-age appropriate?

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      We would love to have your family enjoy one of our Pony Play Dates. These are one hour visits for $45.00. (Additional costs for more than two children). The appointments are by reservation. I offer them at 10:00 am, 1:00 PM and 6/6:30 PM. Customers choose a theme from cowboy / cowgirl, princess, fairy or knight. Children are welcome to come in costume or wear one of mine. The visit includes hands on time taking care of the pony, a short story that pertains to your theme, a lead line ride, and an activity based on your theme. I do have a few openings yet this week if you were interested in coming out. Please e-mail me at ponyplayce@gmail.com and let me know age(s) of the child(ren) and what theme, date, and time you would enjoy. Call 920-931-2918. Linda

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