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I think all families have a list of chores and errands they would just rather not do. I am continually jealous of bigger cities residents with order ahead and grocery delivery options. We use Subscribe and Save on Amazon to our maximum benefit but man, how amazing to be able to skip the aisles and the checkouts, right? Guess what? Our day is coming (or has already arrived), Northeast Wisconsin! We’ll be able to order online to pick up our groceries curbside!

Pick ‘n Save Order Online Details

  • Service is currently available at 2064 Lime Kiln Road in Green Bay, WI.
  • Service starts tomorrow, July 13, 2017, at 2700 Ballard Road in Appleton, WI.
  • There is a $4.95 service fee for the service, but your first three orders will have the fee waived.
  • You set up an account and order online here.
  • Pay by credit or debit card.
  • You can use your Fresh Perks card for savings.
  • You can order items from every department; including fresh meat and produce!
  • You choose the time that you will pick up and arrive at the store.
  • Store employees will meet you curbside and load your order into your car.
  • Drive home and enjoy the extra hour you just added to your day.

Let’s all just take a moment to appreciate the perks of living in the future.

Pick n’ Save Website

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Liz Schultz
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