Our Response to the Coronavirus Impact in the Fox Valley

What Families Can Expect from Us

Hello Everyone! It has been a crazy week. My nine-year-old came home Friday exhausted from school and confused about why. I’m sure you are figuring out your next steps and how this impacts your year. I am with you. We have been following the news and announcements closely and we are prepared to help our local families navigate this moment in time. 

It’s ok to be scared, sad, disappointed, frustrated… all of the feelings are real and valid and we are right there with you. But, here is what I do know: I am confident our community will come out stronger and better after this. Feeling doubtful? Look for the helpers. The Fox Valley is filled with them and they are coming out as we march into this new territory together. This is one of the amazing things about our community that makes it a great place to raise our families.

Many organizations are getting together to assure that people will have food and connection to educational resources. Spectrum and Charter Communication are offering free internet for those without. Companies are opening doors for students to use their resources. Schools are working out drive-thru like meal services. Local businesses are taking extra precautions to clean and sanitize to keep your family safe. If you are able, donate to local charities; remember they are just in much as need for donations as they were a week ago and many have needed to reschedule or cancel their biggest fundraising events.

Many are looking for ways to help and many of our community members will need help during these coming weeks. Fox Cities community leaders have joined forces to help coordinate volunteers and to help people access services. There’s a quick document to fill out letting them know how you can help or be helped here.

At this time, we are monitoring the closures and preparing the following: 

  1. A list of local providers who will provide alternative care for parents who work. 
  2. School district meal information as released.
  3. Outdoor activity suggestions.
  4. Sharing our local guides so parents are aware of options available to them around the Fox Valley.
  5. Ways to support local businesses around Northeast Wisconsin.
  6. Ways to help local families and organizations.

What We Need from You – Let’s Look Ahead, Together

As well as supporting our community in this time of need we will also take this time to social distance and prepare for warmer weather and summer (and who’s kidding, thinking about the future is easier than worrying about the unknown). Let us know what you are most excited to do with your family this summer? What would you like to see more of on Go Valley Kids?

Garage Sales: We are also going to be starting our Spring Cleaning at home. Who is ready for rummage and garage sales?? Does anyone want to help get our list ready here?

Pictures: Do you have cute pictures of your kiddos in the Spring or Summer last year that we could use on our website or Instagram? Upload them here.

Summer: We’ll bring you some of our favorite summer content a little early. Let’s anticipate the fun, the parades, the festivals, and park programming together! It will be here before we know it!

Social Media: We’ll continue to share local news and happenings. We’ll post things to fill your heart and things that will hopefully bring some smiles and laughs. Share with your friends!

Find our updates on closures, cancelations, and tips here.

Are you a Local Business looking for help?

Have an idea? Need an idea? Looking for marketing coaching or support? Reach out to us at amanda@govalleykids.com.

We are building our guides! Join our 2020 Summer Camp Guide, Birthday Guide, Preschool & Childcare Guide or Photography Guide (coming soon).

As a small local business, we are appreciative of your support. Thank you for supporting our community.

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