Mulberry Lane Farm

Mulberry Lane Farm

Have you ever been out Mulberry Lane Farm? The petting farm is located just 3 miles east of Sherwood. It is one our family’s favorite spots. Not only is it educational but its fun as you get up close and personal with goats, lambs, chicks, ducks, kittens, horses and more. Everything is very clean and the staff is super friendly. They also have a great place for a picnic, so pack lunches!

If that wasn’t enough, you’ll also enjoy the pony rides, hayride and learning to milk a cow!

This time of year the farm is buzzing with babies – baby chicks, baby ducklings, baby kid goats, baby lambs, baby piglets, baby calves, baby ponies, baby kittens and baby bunnies. Its hard to resist wanting to bring some of them home.

A Couple Tips for your Visit to Mulberry Lane Farm

  • Pack a picnic or snacks. Spend as much time as you like. With all the exploring you will work up an appetite!
  • Wear comfy clothes and shoes. This farm is very neat and clean but its still a farm. You will also do a lot of walking.
  • Don’t forget your camera! There are lots of great photo opps.
  • Bring the sunscreen.

Enjoy these pictures from our visit.

Mulberry Lane Farms Tractor Mulberry Lane Farm Horses  Mulberry Lane Farm sheep Mulberry Lane Farm baby goatMulberry Lane Farm Horses Mulberry Lane Farm Woodshed Mulberry Lane Farm DucksMulberry Lane Farm Cat Mulberry Lane Farm MomGoat  Mulberry Lane Farm Chickens

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179 thoughts on “Mulberry Lane Farm”

  1. Avatar

    My Family loves to come to this farm and just spend the day together and even have a picnic lunch. Its just a great way for any Family to have some together time and make happy memories!

    1. Avatar

      I would love to bring my granddaughter to the farm for a day. She is such an animal lover. We have never been there, but plan on making the trip this summer.

  2. Avatar

    My family would love to go and see the baby animals. My 3 year old is at the age of discover and it’s so fun to see his eyes light up and learn. And a farm would be a wonderful place for him to run around. We’ve never been there. My daughter would also love to see and experience animals for the first time too!

  3. Avatar
    Heather Best

    My daughters have a visit to Mulberry Lane Farm on their summer vacation wish list! FREE admission would make the visit even better!

  4. Avatar
    amanda fredrick

    We would love a day at the farm. I have a child with special needs, autism and emotional regulation issues. Once school is out we are looking forward to spending our days having fun!!!! We have never been to mulberry farm and my kids are obsessed with animals.

  5. Avatar
    Jessi Dilley

    We would love a day at the farm to enjoy all of the baby animals at this time of year~ My 4 year old daughter loves the cuddly kittens, Mommy(me) loves the silly baby goats, and Daddy loves to chase the chickens! 😉

  6. Avatar

    Our family is moving to TN June 6th. We would love one last trip to see all the babies at Mulberry Lane Farms!

  7. Avatar

    My toddler has never been there! We took the big kids three years ago and a pregnant goat kept on rubbing my leg and would not leave me alone, turns out I was pregnant myself : )

  8. Avatar

    my son loves animals! We have been hoping to plan a family trip to the Farm for him to see the cute animals and pet some too!

  9. Avatar

    My kids ask all the time when they can go catch chickens, and milk the cow again. They really love the interactive experiences at mulberry.

  10. Avatar

    My family loves the farm. It is a great educational experience and a way to get out without electronics for a day. We would put these passes to great use!

  11. Avatar
    Shawna Janota

    My family has not had the opportunity to visit Mulberry Lane Farm and we would love to! My 3 1/2 year old son loves animals and he’d be ecstatic to be able to go (as would my husband, infant son and I)! 🙂

  12. Avatar

    We have been waiting all week for this giveaway :)!!
    I have two boys and it is their absolute favorite place to spend a summer day! The 4 free admission tickets would really help our family make a very memorable day.

  13. Avatar

    Love this place, so informational and a great place for the kids to visit, been there with a class group and going again this year with school.

  14. Avatar

    We would love a visit to the farm with my kiddos to hold and snuggle all the bitty animals. My four kids love to visit and these tickets sure would help with the cost.

  15. Avatar

    My son would love to milk a cow, hold the baby animals, and ride a pony! Thanks for the chance to win!

  16. Avatar

    We also have Mulberry farm on our wish list for this summer. My daughter absolutely loves the horse ride and getting to pet the kittens. A trip to Mulberry farm makes for a very fun day!

  17. Avatar
    Teresa Swanson

    My daughter would love the farm to see all of the animals! She especially likes kittens and chickens!

  18. Avatar

    Mulberry farms is in our summer list! Especially now with all the babies they have! My kids would love it and so would I!!

  19. Avatar

    In an age where electronics seem to often take first place in the “what do you want to do today?”, Mulberry Lane is one place that would win out for my daughter’s choice.

  20. Avatar
    Jill Rhoades

    My daughters love animals and we always have a fantastic time at Mulberry. One of their favorite things to do there is the pony ride.

  21. Avatar

    Our almost two year old would go bananas seeing all his favorite animals up close (and lets be honest, so would I!).

  22. Avatar

    We love to go to Mulberry Lane Farm with our 3 girls. The kittens are always a favorite, but the thing everyone talks about after is catching and holding the chickens. We always end our trip with a picnic lunch. Such a fun day.

  23. Avatar

    My daughter has a huge love for all things animals. Last year we stayed for hours playing with all the animals. Our favorites were the horses and baby piglets. We are excited to see the animals again this year.

  24. Avatar

    my 2.5 year old daughter lover animals and would love to see all the babies. And I think it would be a great place for her explore

  25. Avatar

    My family has actually never been to Mulberry Farm though we have always wanted to go. It’s been on our list of places to visit for a really long time! My husband and I are aspiring farmers and this would be a great learning experience for my daughter and the adults too! I truly hope the one who deserves it most wins though. Thanks for the opportunity!

  26. Avatar
    Melissa Williams

    my family would love to spend the day at the farm because my 6 year old is absolutely in love with animals and loves learning all about them. We also love cuddling with all the kitties.

  27. Avatar
    Sarah Pielhop

    We have never been here, but our oldest loves animals and is great with our little puppy! I am sure she would enjoy this!

  28. Avatar

    We’ve never been and hear such wonderful things about it! Our toddler is big into practicing her animal sounds.

  29. Avatar
    Rebecca Menzel

    We would love a trip to the farm! My kiddos have been begging to go visit the baby chicks and piglets!

  30. Avatar
    Wanda Peterson

    My Grandsons love zoos and they really love Mulberry. Would like to go with them sometime to see why they enjoy this farm so much.

  31. Avatar

    We’ve never been to the MFarm, but animals are one of my little man’s favorite things….his 2nd birthday is coming up… his daddy & I are working on getting back together & this fun outing would be a great treat for him.

  32. Avatar

    I love how HANDS ON Mulberry Lane Farms is! Lucky me, I get to take my kindergarten class there next week! My own sons aren’t coming, though, so a free pack of tickets would be awesome to use and go back with my own boys!!

  33. Avatar

    Our family would enjoy a day at mulberry because it is one of their favorite places to go to. We have pictures of our kids since they were little there. Now we have some big and some newer addotions to the family and we want them to grow up loving this place also.

  34. Avatar

    My two granddaughters love animals and would truly enjoy Mulberry Farm! They have never been here and I am looking forward to visiting this summer with them!

  35. Avatar

    My little zoologist LOVES animals! We would love to bring her and her sister to the farm and experience the farm animals, just like I had growing up 🙂

  36. Avatar
    Monica Chitwood

    I would LOVE to bring my two boys to Mulberry Lane! We took my oldest son twice a couple years ago and we enjoyed everything about it!! Now that our family has grown and we have another animal-loving son, I know we would all have a blast together this year!!

  37. Avatar

    I’d love to take my family in the spring! We’ve been there several times during the fall but would love to see all the baby animals this time of year. 🙂

  38. Avatar
    Marcy Arizola

    My family would love a day on the farm. My son loves going on the hayride and playing with all the animals. My daughter is finally old enough to really enjoy it. Plus, I love that they are learning too!!

  39. Avatar

    Our family would love to win a trip to Mulberry Lane…time spent together forming wonderful memories is always the best!!! 🙂

  40. Avatar

    Our daughter has been to Mulberry on a field trip with school and we would love to go as a family!

  41. Avatar

    Our family is new to the Fox Valley and haven’t really had a chance to explore all of the great things the area has to offer! This would be a fantastic treat for our little boys who adore everything farm related!!

  42. Avatar

    My boys LOVE Mulberry Lane! Can’t wait to take them again. We go every fall for the petting zoo and pumpkin patch 🙂 Just love it!

  43. Avatar
    British American

    I would love to go. I took my youngest last fall, just me and him. It’s rather expensive to take our family of 5, so my older two kids have missed out on going the past few years. I’ve been going when they are in school. It’s lovely there though, so I do plan on taking my 3 kids sometime this summer.

  44. Avatar

    My family loooooves animals and cannot wait to visit the farm! It has a top priority on our fun list!

  45. Avatar

    my girls love the baby animals, especially the kitties. Mulberry Lane Farm is definitely a family favorite. Can’t wait to introduce our youngest to it this year!

  46. Avatar

    Our toddler is old enough to interact more with the animals. I’m sure she will love the kittens as much as her brother does.

  47. Avatar

    Our family of 4 would love to go to Mulberry Lane Farms! My son loved going there when he was younger, and our one year old daughter just loves animals! We cannot wait for her to experience the magic of this place!

  48. Avatar

    it was a long winter! My kiddos would love to go together as a family and check out the farm this summer!

  49. Avatar
    Keeley Winkel

    It is such a wonderful thing to see your child experience the joy of animals. I can’t wait to see my son’s eyes fill with excitement at seeing all the animals and being able to be so close. I love Mulberry Farm!

  50. Avatar

    My almost 3 year old son loves animals and all he talks about is riding a horse! We would love to go play with all the baby animals

  51. Avatar

    Our family would love to go to Mulberry farm to see all the animals. My youngest loves all the animals and making sounds like them.

  52. Avatar

    my daughter and I love your farm. She is 2 1/2 and loves the pony rides and seeing animals up close. It’s a great educational trip for her and great mommy daughter time for us both. It’s been a rough year and financially we can’t afford many trips due to gas and entry. (We would use the other tickets for her friend Lucy and her mom)

  53. Avatar

    Our family would love to visit the farm! We have never been but this would be an awesome opportunity to get us there.

  54. Avatar
    Kristen Carlson

    My one year old is learning the noise each animal makes from pictures in a book. It would be awesome to show her the real life animal in person and hear the noises!!!

  55. Avatar
    Angela Schmidt

    Thanks for a chance to win tix! My family of 4 would love to visit Mulberry Farms. My daughters are 5 and 7 and love animals. I know we all would enjoy of day of making memories at the farm.

  56. Avatar

    A day at mulberry is always a special experience for our family. It’s a great way to relax and spend an entire day disconnected from everything and just enjoy each other.

  57. Avatar

    Our girls would L??VE to visit the farm this summer!!!!! They would enjoy seeing all the animals best. I can hear the sequels of “oh! He’s so cute!” now. ????

  58. Avatar
    Kelly Helfrich

    We love this farm. My kids have been there for school field trips, and we went as a family last fall. We all had a great time, love that you can find something for everyone!

  59. Avatar

    My two boys (ages 5 & soon to be 7) love animals and all things farm!! Our family would love to go back to Mulberry, we haven’t been there together in about 3 years!
    Thank you!

  60. Avatar
    Cassandra Davis

    My husband and I were married there last September and haven’t had a chance to get back since with our boys. The entire day was incredible and we would really like to go back as a family to fully experience everything the farm has to offer such as the animals and hayride.

  61. Avatar

    This would be great or every member of the family! Doesn’t matter the age, everyone.would have a ton of fun!

  62. Avatar
    Kristen Prahl

    We love baby animals and being out in the country! Mulberry Farms is such fun place to go for some family time! And this is the first year that we are a family of four. 🙂

  63. Avatar

    My family loves the outdoors… And my son especially loves being on the farm and around animals. We can’t wait to take a visit out to mulberry farms 🙂

  64. Avatar

    My little family of 3 is thing to be enjoying this summer to the fullest as there will be a new addition to or family in early January! We would love a trip to Mulberry Farm. Next summer we are hoping to take the baby and his or her big brother back there again.

  65. Avatar
    Rosemary Vega

    My family would love to go, we have heard such great things about but have never been. We relocated to Appleton this past year and are still learning where all the great places are. My daughter loves the “baas” and the “cluck clucks” she would be so excited!

  66. Avatar

    My son and I have been been there but my husband has not! Would love to go together as a family! And I really want to come and see the new baby animals!

  67. Avatar

    My family would love a trip to the farm! Only two of our kids have ever been there and one of the visits was in the rain! Ha! We have a family of seven now, which makes outings pretty pricey… Four free tickets would make this a great and exciting possibility where there may not have been one!

  68. Avatar

    We just moved to the area. I am a homeschooling stay-at-home mom of three animal and outdoor loving boys! We would love the chance to visit Mulberry Lane. Thank you!

  69. Avatar

    We love Mulberry Farm!! We have been going on Mother’s Day the last 3 years to see all the spring babies. What a great way to spend the day with family.

  70. Avatar

    My family LOVES Mulberry Lane Farm! We love to see all the spring babies, and pick pumpkins in the fall. Thanks for the giveaway!

  71. Avatar

    It would be a fun and educational day for my toddler and preschooler! They love animals! It would be a great day of making memories that would last a lifetime.

  72. Avatar

    My son lives to visit the farm! We go pick pumpkins with our friends in the fall, and it is always amazing. We would love to go in the summer and play around for a day of family fun!

  73. Avatar

    As a single mom, we are pretty tight on the budget and most times, our family activities are going to nearby parks or just hanging out in the backyard. It would be so fun to spend a day blessed with the animals on Mulberry Lane Farm and loving on each of them. We love animals, but, right now, we cannot afford a pet family member. Sharing in the love with others who have furry friends and family members brings great joy to our family.

  74. Avatar

    We love this farm and I love just watching the joy on my children’s faces as we play and explore together. It a day of magic for them and I enjoy just making a day of it with them. The kids make me feel like I am the Mother of the Year when I bring them. Thanks for this cool giveaway!

  75. Avatar
    Ashley Keddell

    This is one of our favorite places. My daughter absolutely loves catching the chickens! It would be a great place to go on the weekend.

  76. Avatar

    My girls went here for a field trip and talk about it all the time. Would love to take them back and experience it as a family.

  77. Avatar
    Addie Teeters

    Would love to enjoy a day out on the farm with my little boys and husband. This is a fantastic local resource and we’re lucky to have it!

  78. Avatar

    We would love to spend a day on the farm meeting all of the baby animals. My 2 year old loves kittens and would be in heaven with a visit to the farm.

  79. Avatar

    I grew up on a farm in Wisconsin, and I love any opportunity to show my son a taste of country living.

  80. Avatar
    Rachel Pieper

    Have never been to Mulberry Lane Farm before, but have heard wonderful reviews about it. Would love to take our one year old there for us all to enjoy our first of many visits in her future!

  81. Avatar

    We went for the first time last fall with my husband’s work and really enjoyed it! We would love to visit in the spring this time and get to see more baby animals than what they had in the fall 🙂

  82. Avatar

    We just visited the National Railroad Museum this weekend where we saw a momma goose with her babies. My 5 year old daughter just kept repeating how she wanted to hold a baby bird. Visiting Mulberry Lane would give her a chance to see animal babies up close, and she’d love it! And my 2 year old son is an animal lover, so I know he’d get a kick out of petting and holding the different animals as well!

  83. Avatar

    Our girls love animals, our one daughter wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up! This looks like a lot of fun!

  84. Avatar

    My family has never taken a trip to Mulberry Farm. We would love to though, and my children are absolute lovers. Thank you and Good Luck to all!

  85. Avatar

    My family has never taken a trip to Mulberry Farm. We would love to though, and my children are absolute animal lovers!Thank you and Good Luck to all!

  86. Avatar
    April Starrett

    My little guy would LOVE to see and pet all of the animals! We are new to the area and trying to explore everything it has to offer. Your site has been a wonderful resource for us!

  87. Avatar

    My family would love these tickets because we have never been there. Also, my boys love animals, so they would have a great time!!

  88. Avatar

    My family LOVES the farm!! I even named Norman the cow! 😉 Such a wonderful welcoming place. Everything about the farm is fantastic!

  89. Avatar

    My son’s favorites are the kittens ans the great big play area out front. Would love to see if he is brave enough to milk a cow this year.

  90. Avatar
    Sarah Buckoski

    We would love to spend time as a family at the farm. Our family always enjoys our annual trip there. We especially love to cuddle the kittens and feed the goats.

  91. Avatar

    Our entire family absolutely loves animals (especially the baby variety ?). Getting up close and personal with farm animals we don’t normally get to interact with is the best! The goats and calves are definitely favorites! It’s so peaceful getting to eat a picnic lunch with the kids and getting to unplug for a day, and enjoy some good old fashioned fun on the farm!

  92. Avatar
    Crystal Roberts

    My two year old son is in love with all things farm! He would LOVE a chance to ride a horsey!

  93. Avatar

    Mulberry Lane Farm is a very special place with very special people. We enjoy visiting each year to see familiar faces and spend time with eachother and of course, enjoy the farm animals. We have been lucky enough to be there on a day when baby goats were born (sigh). A day at the farm is a lovely get away, a chance to reconnect with a quieter time, no cell phones allowed!! And of course see Ladybug and maybe, just maybe, score a great photobomb with Mandy!

  94. Avatar
    Connie Niemuth

    I have a 3 1/2 year old and an 11 year old child who is disabled. This would be a great opportunity for us to do something together as a family.

  95. Avatar
    Tanya Schmidt

    this is my favorite place on earth to take my family! We always go on Mother’s Day and the weather didn’t let us this year. Will take awhile to recover from that one… 🙁

  96. Avatar

    We would love a day at Mulberry Farm! We haven’t been there in ages. What better way to spend a beautiful WI day at the farm!

  97. Avatar

    My family loves Mulberry Lane Farm! There is no greater joy than seeing our four and two year olds faces as they explore the farm life. We’ve been super busy with life and a day at the farm is the perfect way to spend the day as a family.

  98. Avatar

    We had a wonderful visit at the farm last summer, and can’t wait to come again this year. This is a great family activity 🙂

  99. Avatar

    My 2 1/2 year old twin boys & I LOVE going to Mulberry Lane Farm!! Sure would be fun to go back soon 🙂

  100. Avatar

    Our kids love this farm and we would have such a great time visiting! This year our son would actually be able to hold some of the animals. Thank you for this opportunity to win admission for our family!

  101. Avatar

    Our little guy loves animals! We went for the first time this past fall. He had so much fun in the kitten barn and picking out his pumpkin. We can’t wait to go back!

  102. Avatar
    Katie ringbauer

    Our 4 year old has autism and responds so well to animals!! We have never been there but it is on our summer list!!! Would love to win

  103. Avatar
    Jessica Schmidt

    My daughter has been there before and loves it. My son is just about 2 and hasn’t been there yet. I would to see the look on his face when he sees those animals. We just love Mulberry Lane Farm!

  104. Avatar

    This would be a great treat for our family; we’ve yet to have a chance to go. Plus, with a recent new addition to our family, we’re all about babies and it would be really fun for my kids to see some baby animals as well…and a little escape from the house. 😉

  105. Avatar

    My family LOVES mulberry farms, and we would LOVE to check out all the baby animals that are new to the farm! Thanks for this awesome prize!

  106. Avatar

    We have beautiful pictures of my daughters at the farm the last few years. It’s fun to see how much they grow!

  107. Avatar

    We love coming to the farm and visiting the animals. The hands on learning is so special, nothing can beat it!

  108. Avatar

    My family would love a day at the farm! I have brought my daughter since before she was 1. She loves to hug and kiss the goats and see all of the animals. Our visits to the farm are very cherished memories because my daughter is so happy there. She very recently welcomed a new brother to the family and could use a fun getaway with all of the animals and fresh air enjoying a family day of fun!

  109. Avatar

    My kiddos adore Mulberry Lane Farm, and as an animal lover so do I! We’ve visited before but its been a few years. It would be great to go back this summer.

  110. Avatar

    My 3 year old loves going there. She can get enough of the kittens. We could sit in there for hours. The staff is very friendly and they give you very good information about the use all the animals for. Can’t wait to go there.

  111. Avatar

    My 3 kids & I love Mulberry Lane Farm, we live in Sherwood so it is close by but don’t get there as often as we would like to. We would love to come visit with all the animals!

  112. Avatar
    Jennifer Reitz

    Our son loves to have “Gramma Day’s” at Mulberry Lane. They love seeing all the animals and playing in the corn and sand. I love getting to spend great quality time with them and letting him romp around all day. Fall is one of our favorite times because we get to pumpkin hunt. 🙂

  113. Avatar
    pat Williquette

    When my granddaughters come to visit, that the place they always want to go to. We love it there!

  114. Avatar

    We have never been here. Summer after summer I always say we should go but then the summer gets away from us. My 7 yr old son and almost 1 yr old would love to win the tickets.

  115. Avatar

    We LOVE this farm. It’s part of the reason we got our own chickens! With 3 little animal lovers I’m not sure we could ever spend enough time there.

  116. Avatar

    My family has never been to Mulberry Lane Farm and would love to go!! I have heard so many amazing things about this place! I know my girls would love it!

  117. Avatar
    Misty Spalding

    We LOVE visiting Mulberry Lane. My children love chasing the chickens and the last time we were there one of the mommy cats was following my daughter around the farm. We always have a marvelous time and Farmer Pat is a great tractor driver.

  118. Avatar

    We would love a day at the farm! My 5 year old son loves to go and explore the animals and I’m sure he would truly enjoy teaching his new 8 month old sister all about the fun at the farm!

  119. Avatar

    My husband travels a lot for his work. Even gone weekends. We have never been to this farm but have heard great things. It would be a great Father’s Day surprise to take him and our 4 children and reduce the cost for us to go as a family of 6! My children have currently 2 dofs, a cat and 5 fish so we share a love of animals and looking into raising chickens once we get a new home. It would be great to show my children farm animals and let them be hands on with them.

  120. Avatar

    Our family recently relocated to the Fox Valley and we are always looking for local educational experiences! Our daughters love animals, farms, and have never been to Mulberry Lane Farm. It looks like a lot of fun!

  121. Avatar

    We go to Mulberry Lane Farm every year – it never gets old! My 9-year old is already asking and my 21-month old is going to love it this year too! I’m allergic to cats so my daughter could sit in the kitten barn for hours since she can’t have a cat at home!

  122. Avatar

    We have not been here yet. My girls and I would love to come visit the farm as my six year old loves farms so much. Free Admission would be great also.

  123. Avatar

    Mulberry Lane Farms has always been on our “must do this summer list” and I am thinking this summer should be the year. Our girls love animals and we are always looking for fun family day excursions to do.

  124. Avatar

    We have not been here yet, but my two-year old LOVES animals! We have a trip to the farm on our summer bucket list!

  125. Avatar

    We have never been out to the farm. I have three little girls who would love to go there. Our goal this summer is to get out there.

  126. Avatar

    We love Mulberry farm and go 2-3 times every years. My grandkids love everything about the farm. My grandson loves holding the chickens, my one granddaughter loves riding the ponys and all the babies ESP the kittens. As adults we love everything about the farm. We love the wagon ride with Farmer Pat. All the staff are friendly and helpful. We ESP like coming in fall and getting pumpkins. It always takes the kids a while to pick the perfect one. They love going in the fields.

  127. Avatar

    My boys would love all the baby animals and learning about all the different animals. Also this would be my baby girls first experience with farm animals and I think she would love it!

  128. Avatar
    Sarah E Anderson

    My daughter is almost 2 and is obsessed with everything farm animal. Currently chickens are her favorite. So getting the opportunity to see some real chickens, piggies, horses, & cows would be heaven for her. Unfortunately we are on a tight budget right now so we’d be so grateful to win these tickets! Thank you!

  129. Avatar

    We live to get out and get some fresh air while spending quality family time together. And it is always a learning experience for the whole family! I can’t wait to get out to see the new baby animals!

  130. Avatar
    Melissa Motiff

    My daughter was asking yesterday if we can go and milk that cow again Momma?! Love how she remembers even as a three year old and my eight year old son would love be chasing the chickens again. My husband and I love that you make us feel right at home on your farm!

  131. Avatar

    My family could really use a date with cute animals! It has been a crazy school year and this would be a great opportunity to spend some quality time together and start off summer right!

  132. Avatar

    My family would love to come to the farm because it would be great quality time together. We could spend the whole day with the animals, seeing the tractors, playing & enjoying a picnic. We would love to check this place out, we’ve heard so many wonderful things about it & would love to get tickets to visit. Thanks 🙂

  133. Avatar

    we visited this farm last weekend and it’s all my 3 year old has been talking about! We would love to bring him back with grandma!

  134. Avatar

    My son had so much fun last year when we went and picked a pumpkin at Milberry. He would love to go again.

  135. Avatar

    Hoping for the chance to win tickets so my two daughters can come and spend some time enjoying all the animals they love so much!

  136. Avatar

    I love that my daughter gets the chance to learn about and interact with the various animals. We all enjoy getting to pet and hold them. It’s a great way to spend some family time together for a morning or afternoon.

  137. Avatar

    Would love a chance to go to Mulberry Lane, missing my daughters school trip and would love to go as a family with my husband and her. Would love to be in the running for the giveaway please

  138. Avatar

    What a gem of a giveaway! We just moved to the area from out of state and are looking to add to all of our summer to-do’s as we discover new places for our family. With four little ones, this looks to be just about perfect for all of their interests. Thanks for sharing!

  139. Avatar

    My son and I love coming this farm ever since our first time there for his kindergarten field trip. We were just there this past weekend and didn’t want to leave. I love how open it is, very clean and organize. Its also educational and just an all around amazing place. The staff is always friendly:-) my favorite is the baby goats. I love how they cuddle. If I had the chance I would be there everyday. Great place.

  140. Avatar
    Jennifer Tingerthal

    We recently had to move out of state for my husband’s employment. When home we made it a tradition every year with our daughter’s to go to Mulberry Farm as part of our mother’s day tradition. We will be coming home at the end of next week for one our daughter’s graduation. I was just on your website looking at your hours when I came across this contest. When just asking my youngest two daughter’s what and who they would like to visit while back home in WI without hesitation they both said Mulberry farm! We hold a TON of special memories at your farm and would love a chance to win those tickets!

  141. Avatar

    My 2 year old who sings “old McDonald” all day long. She would love to sing it to the baby chicks and cows at the real farm!

  142. Avatar

    My family enjoyed Mulberry Farm and the spring babies last May and we would love to return again this year! It was such a wonderful experience. Our then 19 month old son had his first pony ride here. Our oldest has been asking when we will be going back to see the baby animals and maybe this time she won’t be “too chicken” to pick up a chicken! 🙂 Thank you for this opportunity! Jaime

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