2020 School Updates: Menasha Joint School District

Geegan Elementary School, Menasha

Menasha Joint School District released their plan for reopening schools in the fall. They emphasize that they intend to bring all students back to in-person instruction and that their goal is to have all students in classes 5 days per week when the guidelines for social distancing are adjusted. The plan was formed on July 6, 2020, based on the pandemic conditions and guidance at that time, as the situation changes, the plan will also change. 

Parent surveys, Education Forward guidance, Centers for Disease Control recommendations, and guidance from the Menasha Health Department informed the district’s plan.

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Plan for Reopening

  • Pre-K – 5th Grade
    • Students will return to school 5 days per week with safety precautions and social distancing.
  • Grades 6 – 12 
    • Students will return to a blended model with students divided into two groups.
    • Each group will attend school in person two days a week and online three days a week.
    • One day of online instruction will be used for small group and one-on-one instruction and support.
  • All students have a virtual learning option available.
  • All grades will transition to fully online learning if the community or school cases of COVID-19 make this necessary.

Basics of reopening

First day of school

  • All District Schools: September 1, 2020

Health and Safety

  • Symptom Screening
    • This will occur either at the bus or building, whichever is the first a student comes into contact with.
    • No students should be sent to school ill. 
  • Physical Distancing
    • Floor markings with 6 feet separations marked will be used.
    • Directional arrows will be used in high traffic areas.
    • Layouts will be adjusted for classrooms to allow social distancing.
    • Furniture will be removed as necessary to create space.
    • No shared lockers.
  • Masks
    • Students and staff may be required to wear face coverings.
  • Hygiene
    • Signage for hand hygiene, social distancing, and symptoms will be used.
    • Hand hygiene will be taught and reinforced.
    • Sanitation Stations will be increased and use will be encouraged.
    • No shared supplies. 
    • Increased cleaning of shared equipment.
    • Bottle filling or single-use cups will be used for water. 
  • Procedures for Illness
    • Isolation areas will be in place.
  • Social and Emotional Health
    • The first week back to school will focus on social and emotional health with an emphasis on inclusion and anxiety reduction.
    • Focus on student and staff wellness activities.
    • Components of Second Step, Zones of Regulation, and Foundations will be used.
  • Visitors
    • No non-essential visitors.



  • Fewer students per bus seat.
  • Students should sit near windows to increase social distance.
  • Adults will wear masks.
  • Students may be asked to wear masks.
  • Buses will be disinfected following each route.

Self Transportation

  • Notify school of intention to provide transportation for the school to plan
  • Parent drop off and pick up zones will be clearly marked.

Digital Learning with Menasha Joint School District

  • Students will be assigned a district-provided device.
  • Students without internet access will have access to a district-provided hot spot. 
  • Teachers will work to quickly identify students struggling to engage and develop a plan with the family.
  • Schoology will be used for all grade levels.
  • Traditional grading and proficiency grading will apply.

In-Person Learning with Menasha School District

General Guidelines

  • Students and staff will follow procedures to reduce the spread of COVID-19.
  • Staff may be reassigned to support distancing and allow children to return to the classroom.
  • Schedule modifications will be made as necessary but the start and end bell times will be the same.

Elementary (Pre-K through 5th Grade)

  • All students will have their own devices assigned to them.
  • Art and music will be in their main classrooms with the teacher visiting.
  • Physical education will take place outdoors when possible and follow CDC guidelines for safety.
  • Recess will be with cohorts of students based on their ability to physically distance.
  • Schoology will be used for all grade levels.
  • Students will have access to library books.
  • Lunch will be in the classroom.

Middle and High School

  • Schedule
    • Cohort A attends in person on Monday and Thursday.
    • Cohort B attends in person on Tuesday and Friday
    • Virtual learning on days not in person and every Wednesday.
    • Wednesdays will be for office hours and small group/one on one instruction
  • Teachers will work to identify those students struggling and develop a plan with families
  • Students will have a district-provided device.
  • Students without internet access will have a district-provided hotspot.
  • Students will have access to library books.
  • Lunch will be provided in common areas with social distance.
  • Schoology will be used for all grades.

Other Notes

  • Field Trips
    • Limit and monitor conditions before final approval is given.
  • No Assemblies
    • Limit and monitor conditions before approval is given.
  • Hallway Movement
    • Arrows will indicate traffic flow patterns.
    • Physical distancing markers will be placed.
  • Special Education
    • Access to education will be reconfigured to meet social distancing guidance while meeting the needs of students.
    • Some programs may meet daily in-person based on IEP.
    • Staff may be reassigned to provide access to students with IEP and 504 plans.

After School Programs


  • WIAA Guidance and Menasha Health Department guidance will be used to safely hold practices, competitions, and events.

Clubs and Activities

  • To be determined based on whether safety and social distancing guidance are able to be followed.

Access the full plan here: mjsd.k12.wi.us/MJSD/media/COVID-19

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