Start Here. Excel Here. Kimberly Area School District

Kimberly Area School District

By learning through play in 4K, students in the Kimberly Area School District build a strong foundation for their future.

Our District’s mission is to ensure that every student is given the opportunity to reach their potential through academics, the arts and co-curricular activities.

Kimberly Area School District

At Kimberly’s 4K Center for Literacy:

  • Students learn from high quality licensed teachers.
  • Our educators are passionate about engaging their 4K students through play-based learning.
  • Wrap around care options are available.
  • In a recent survey, 100% of our 4K parents said they believe their child is being well-prepared for the next grade level.

Is your Minimaker ready to start here and excel here?

Now accepting kindergarten registrations and open enrollment applications for next school year! Open enrollment applications accepted until April 30, 2018.

Full-service 4K Center • Full-day 5K in Elementary Schools

Kimberly Area School District

Learn more about Registration and Open Enrollment:
(920) 788-7900

Kimberly Area School District


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