inspring parents series

Before we have kids, we have ideas about the type of parent we will be. When we became parents, those ideas most likely shifted. We meet new people. We become aware of the amazing parents and resources in our community. We grow.

Inspiring parents can be found all around Northeast Wisconsin doing things that move us to find the things that bring us joy, make a difference, and to live with intention. We are launching a new series to bring you interviews with local inspiring parents with a peek into their world, and find out why they call Northeast Wisconsin home.

Family Fitness - Inspiring Parent

Inspiring Parent: Family Fitness with Amanda

Amanda and her husband, Billy are dear friends from our college years. Together for twelve years and married for seven, they’ve brought two darling girls into this world who are three and one years old. It’s my first time meeting their kids when I go visit to photograph them,...
Fathers Day

Inspiring Parents: Father’s Day Edition

Veronika: My husband, Todd and I celebrated a decade of marriage this year. It’s so terribly cliche, but I can’t help but be stunned at how fast this time has passed...ten years gone in the skip of a heartbeat. And while it feels like just a moment ago we...
Katie Saint

April Inspiring Parent Series: Katie Saint

Our inspiring parent this month is Katie Saint, a local author and lead therapist at Fox Valley Autism. April is Autism Awareness Month, so it was especially important to us to choose Katie as our spotlight this month.  We’re meeting together in a cozy office space downtown that Katie uses...


Veronika Richardson
Veronika is a work from home mom, birth and documentary photographer, and writer. Her husband is a high school art teacher and artist, and her two daughters, four and six years old, are following in his footsteps and making sure to leave their marks on every piece of white trim in their Appleton home. When not spending too long thinking of (what she thinks are) witty Facebook captions, Veronika can be found either hanging out with her kids, binge watching Netflix with her husband, laying on the couch gestating (due with #3 in July!), or hiding in a corner of a laboring mothers’ birthing space taking pictures and making films.