75+ Locations to Pick Up FREE Lunches for Kids in the Fox Valley

free lunch programs for students

Here’s some good news! The USDA has extended the free meals programs from spring and summer to last through the end of this year. Each district has slightly different policies regarding pick-up, but the free meals universally extend to all children in the country aged 18 and younger. This will apply to all students, whether attending school in-person, virtually, or hybrid, and any younger siblings at home. 

Check with your school district for details, but any meals that have been paid for so far this school year will be refunded to families in most cases. This might mean they return the funds to your meal account to be used when the free funding for meals runs out.

There are still community sites offering free meals as well, those locations are listed at the bottom along with organizations offering other food assistance. 

Read the USDA press release here.

If you know of a place that is offering food for families please comment below or email us at govalleykids.com. This article will be updated periodically.

Appleton Area School District

All children 18 and under can pick-up lunches and breakfasts (do not need to be a student of AASD). Students do not need to be present and families do not need to enter the school. Choose whichever site is most convenient for you. Menu options change daily. Must be preordered online. Visit the Appleton Area School District website for more information.

Find the heating instructions for meals here: foodservice.aasd.k12.wi.us

Elementary & Middle School Sites

Pick-up Instructions

  • Pick-up from these sites begins September 16, 2020
  • Open Monday – Friday from 12:30 – 1:30 pm
  • One breakfast and one lunch meal per day for the menu for that day. 
  • Place your order through the Nutrislice website or app. 
    • Search AASD 
    • Order by 10 am the day before pick-up
    • You’ll need to make separate orders for each child
  • If you are unable to use the website or app, call (920) 832-1719

Pick-Up Locations

  • Appleton Bilingual School, 913 N Oneida St.
  • Badger Elementary School, 501 S Bluemound Dr. (parking lot)
  • Janet Berry Elementary School, 3601 S Telulah Ave.
  • Ferber Elementary School, 515 E Capitol Dr.
  • Stephen Foster Elementary School, 305 W Foster St.
  • Franklin Elementary School, 2212 N Jarchow St.
  • Highlands Elementary School, 2037 N Elinor St, Appleton: (parking lot)
  • Horizons Elementary School, 2101 Schaefer Cr, Appleton (parking lot)
  • Houdini Elementary School, 2305 W Capitol Dr.
  • Huntley Elementary School, 2224 N Ullman St.
  • Jefferson Elementary School, 1000 S Mason St, Appleton (parking lot)
  • Johnston Elementary School, 2725 E Forest St, Appleton (parking lot)
  • Lincoln Elementary School, 1000 N Mason St. 
  • McKinley Elementary School, 1125 E Taft Ave
  • Richmond Elementary School, 1441 E John St, Appleton (parking lot)

Middle School Sites

  • Einstein Middle School, 324 E Florida Ave (Parking lot in back of school)
  • Kaleidoscope Academy, 318 E Brewster St, Appleton (Door D: front of building)
  • Madison Middle School, 2020 S Carpenter St, Appleton (Door G: backside of building)
  • Wilson Middle School, 225 N Badger Ave, Appleton (Door Q: access from the north parking lot)

High School Pick-Up Sites

Pick Up Instructions

  • Pick-Up Days
    • Tuesdays 7 – 9 am 
    • Thursdays 3:30 – 5:30 pm
  • UPDATE: No preorders are necessary to pick up at high school sites.
  • Each site has the capacity to serve the first 200 children each receiving five breakfasts and five lunches.

Pick Up Locations

  • North High School, 5000 N Ballard Rd, Appleton (Enter off Ballard or Edgewood, exit Ashbury)
  • West High School, 610 N Badger Ave, Appleton (Enter off Badger, exit Winnebago)
  • East High School, 2121 Emmers Dr, Appleton (Enter off John Street, loop through lot)

Green Bay Area School District

Free meals are available to students and community members 18 and younger. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner can be picked up at any meal site (dinner is not available at Aldo, Leonardo da Vinci, Red Smith, and Wequiock). One significant change is that the meal program will no longer be a drive-up service. Instead, parents, guardians, and students are asked to enter the foyer of a school to pick up their meals. When picking up meals, face coverings are required.

More information is available on the GBAPS website

Daily Pick-Up Sites

  • Aldo Leopold, 622 Eliza St. (11 am – 3 pm) 
  • Baird Elementary, 539 Laverne Dr. (9 am – 1 pm) 
  • Beaumont Elementary, 1505 Gatewood St. (9 am – 1 pm) 
  • Chappell Elementary, 205 N. Fisk St. (9 am – 1 pm) 
  • Danz Elementary, 2130 Basten St.  (9 am – 1 pm) 
  • Doty Elementary, 525 Longview Ave. (11 am – 3 pm) 
  • East High, 1415 E. Walnut St. (11 am – 3 pm) 
  • Edison Middle, 442 Alpine Dr. (9 am – 1 pm) 
  • Eisenhower Elementary, 1770 Amy St. (11 am – 3 pm) 
  • Elmore Elementary, 615 Ethel Ave. (9 am – 1 pm) 
  • Fort Howard Elementary (includes Head Start Jefferson site), 520 Dousman St. (9 am – 1 pm) 
  • Franklin Middle, 1233 Lore Lane (11 am – 3 pm) 
  • Head Start (Head Start Learning Center Only), 1150 Bellevue St. (11 am – 3 pm) 
  • Howe Elementary, 525 S. Madison St. (11 am – 3 pm) 
  • Jackson Elementary, 1306 S. Ridge Rd. (9 am – 1 pm) 
  • John Dewey Academy of Learning, 701 Cherry St. (11 am – 3 pm) 
  • Keller Elementary, 1806 Bond St. (9 am – 1 pm) 
  • Kennedy Elementary, 1754 Ninth St. (9 am – 1 pm) 
  • King Elementary, 1601 Dancing Dunes (9 am – 1 pm) 
  • Langlade Elementary, 400 Broadview Dr. (11 am – 3 pm) 
  • Leonardo da Vinci, 139 S. Monroe St. (9 am – 1 pm) 
  • Lincoln Elementary, 105 South Buchanan St. (9 am – 1 pm) 
  • Lombardi Middle, 1520 S. Point Rd. (9 am – 1 pm) 
  • MacArthur Elementary, 1331 Hobart Dr. (9 am – 1 pm) 
  • Martin Elementary, 626 Pinehurst Dr. (11 am – 3 pm) 
  • McAuliffe Elementary, 2071 Emerald Dr. (9 am – 1 pm)
  • Minoka-Hill, 325 N. Roosevelt St. (11 am – 3 pm) 
  • Nicolet Elementary, 1309 Elm St. (11 am – 3 pm) 
  • N.E.W. School of Innovation, 701 Cherry St. (11 am – 3 pm) 
  • Preble High, 2222 Deckner Ave. (9 am – 1 pm) 
  • Red Smith, 2765 Sussex Rd. (9:30 am – 1:30 pm) 
  • Southwest High, 1331 Packerland Dr. (9 am – 1 pm) 
  • Sullivan Elementary, 1567 Deckner Ave. (2 pm – 6 pm) 
  • Tank Elementary, 814 S. Oakland Ave. (11 am – 3 pm)
  • Washington Middle, 314 S. Baird St. (10:30 am – 2:30 pm)
  • Webster Elementary, 2101 S. Webster Ave. (11 am – 3 pm) 
  • Wequiock Elementary, 3994 Wequiock (9 am – 1 pm) 
  • West High, 944 Shawano Ave. (11 am – 3 pm) 
  • Wilder Elementary, 2590 Robinson Ave. (11 am – 3 pm)

Little Chute School District

Whether attending school at home or virtually, and whether enrolled in LCASD schools or not, free school-provided breakfast and lunch are available for all children 18 and younger.

Meals will include an entree with assorted fruits and vegetables and milk.

Pick-up Instructions

  • Meals will need to be picked up at the Intermediate/Middle/High School Main Office Entrance between 8 and 9 am daily.   
    • Intermediate/Middle/High School Main Office Entrance, 1402 Freedom Road Complete School Meal Order Form by noon on Friday.
    • Order for each day you’ll be picking up lunches.
    • You do not need to complete the form for days your children are at school.
  • Changes will be communicated through Infinite Campus and/or Social Media.

Kaukauna School District

Free lunch and breakfast are available for all children 18 and younger in the community. 

Meals will include an entree with assorted fruits and vegetables, along with a choice of chocolate, 1%, or skim milk. Lunch and breakfast will be available free for all students attending in-person school, those attending virtually, and all children in the district.

More information is available on the KASD website.

Daily Pick-Up Sites:

  • River View Middle School: 10:10 – 10:40 am
  • Electa Quinney Elementary School: 10:15 – 10:45 am
  • Kaukauna High School: 10:20 – 10:50 am
  • Park Community Charter School: 10:30 – 11:00 am
  • Victor Haen Elementary School: 10:35 – 11:05 am

Menasha School District

All students and community members 18 and younger can participate in the free breakfasts and lunches available.

Pick-Up Details

  • Order on the MSJD website or Nutrislice app
  • Available for blended and virtual learners. Blended learners choose A or B group to order for days they are not at home.
  • Select Take Home Meals Menu
  • Contactless pick-up will be offered curbside

Pick-Up Locations

  • Menasha High School, (Door 11 – in back of building)
    • Wednesdays 11:45 am – 1:15 pm
  • Clovis Grove Elementary, (Front parking lot entrance in circle drive area)
    • Thursdays 4:45 – 6:15 pm

Neenah School District

Open for all children in Neenah Joint School District ages 18 and under including in-person, hybrid or virtual students, and community members not enrolled in the district.

More information is available on the NJSD website.

Pick-Up Details

  • An order form will be available each week for ordering meals for the following week.
  • A weekly pick-up at Shattuck Middle School is available for students attending virtually.
    • On Sundays 4 – 5 pm
    • If there is no school on Monday, pick up will be on Monday at 4 – 5 pm.
    • Shattuck Middle School, 600 Elm St.

Oshkosh Area School District

Free breakfast and lunch are available for all children ages 18 and under in the Oshkosh Area School District. 

More information is available on the OASD website

Hybrid Learners

  • Elementary Students
    • Students will be offered meals to take home for their virtual learning days at the end of each in-person day.
    • Students may take home meals for younger siblings at home.
  • Middle and High School Students
    • Students will be offered meals to take home for their virtual learning days at the end of Tuesdays or Wednesdays.
    • Students may take home meals for their younger siblings at home.

OASD eAcademy Students and Community Members 18 and Younger

  • Children do not need to be present for pick-up.
  • Five days of breakfast and dinner will be provided.
  • Drive through or walk-up

Pick-Up Locations

  • Oshkosh West High School, 375 N Eagle St (outside of door #24)
    • Mondays 1 – 2 pm
  • Oshkosh North High School, 1100 W Smith Ave (in front circle drive)
    • Thursdays 1 – 2 pm

Boys & Girls Club of the Fox Valley

Two options for meal assistance are available. Families can choose which works best for them. There is no age requirement and you do not need to have a child or youth enrolled as a Club Member to qualify for the meals and they do not need to be present to pick up meals.

Pick-Up Details

  • Please stay in your vehicle and wait for food service support.
  • Daily Pick-Up
    • Stop by Appleton or Menasha location between 4:30 and 5:30 pm Monday – Friday
  • Weekly Pick-Up
    • Complete a weekly meal pick up form to pick up seven meals once per week for each youth.
    • Once you have completed the form, you can continue to pick up each week on the day you selected on the form.
    • Pick-up is available Monday – Thursday from 4:30 – 5:30 pm

Pick-Up Locations

  • Boys & Girls Club of Appleton, 160 S Badger St, Appleton
  • Boys & Girls Club of Menasha, 600 Racine St, Menasha

FREE Breakfasts & Lunches Available at Local Businesses & Organizations

  • Freedom Center Food Pantry, 1110 S. Oneida St, Appleton
    • If we have enough appropriate volunteers the Freedom Center Food Pantry will run a drive-thru for pre-assembled boxes or bags of food items including milk from 2:45 – 6 pm on Wednesday. Follow their Facebook page for future updates.
  • Little Free Pantry – Hortonville, 531 N Nash, Hortonville (Accessible through the POLICE entrance 24-7 365 next to the medication drop off and AED)
    • Boxed or canned food items, unopened toiletries, unopened personal care items, paper goods, school supplies, snacks for children (unopened/nonperishable), baby items. Nonperishable foods (meats, bakery, produce, etc.) For anyone in need or have extra to donate.
  • St. Joseph Food Program
    • St. Joseph Food Program is offering drive-through grocery pick up for anyone with a St Joe’s card (cards available by calling 920-734-9461 x 309).
  • The Salvation Army of Greater Green Bay
    • Effective Monday, March 16, The Salvation Army Corps Community Center’s Noon Lunch Program will temporarily transition to a take-out lunch program. Until further notice, lunch will be served on the Union Court (west side) of the building from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm. Anyone in need is welcome to receive a meal in a to-go container to be served from our mobile kitchen (canteen). A drive-up service will be available.
    • Food Pantry: Individuals or families can receive a bag of grocery items once every 30 days. The bags contain a variety of food staples such as cereal, soups, pasta, sauces, peanut butter, tuna, or juice. Additionally, frozen foods such as ground beef, chicken, sandwich meats, or brats are distributed when available. Food Pantry service is available Monday through Friday, from 9:00 am to 3:30 pm.  Walk-ins are accepted for emergency assistance, but appointments are preferred. You must provide a photo ID, proof of household composition, and proof of Brown County address. Please call our Social Services Department at 920-593-2379 to schedule an appointment.
  • Youth Go, 213 Nicolet Blvd, Neenah
    • Youth Go is open 5 days per week and serves a snack and dinner nightly. If your family is interested in Youth Go, please email info@youthgo.org
    • Hours 
      • Monday – Thursday After School: 3 – 9:30 pm
      • Friday After School: 3 – 7:30 pm  
      • Daytime Hours “Open Doors” when Neenah has early release or days off

Community Resources at 2-1-1

  • 2-1-1 – Need additional help? United Way supports 211, a free and confidential service that helps people across Wisconsin (and throughout North America) find the local resources they need 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 211 can be accessed by phone or computer. A toll-free call to 211 connects you to a local community resource specialist.

Places to Donate or Volunteer

  • Feeding America – Looking for donations and volunteers. Contact for more information.
  • Freedom Center Food Pantry, 1110 S. Oneida St, Appleton – Looking for volunteers. The Pantry is staffed ONLY by volunteers and can always use more help. Just show up, they will train on the job. Donations can be dropped off anytime. Drop off box is located by the main entrance.

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