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Fox Valley Rocks

A friend recently introduced me to a new trend in our area that involves rocks! Art meets … scavenger hunt … meets rock collecting. This fun treasure hunt is perfect for the whole family! Fox Valley Rocks! This simple idea sparks creativity and community and perhaps make someone someones day, more than just a smile. We found some rocks in our yard and started painting!

Alexandria Spranger started a group, Fox Valley Hidden Rocks a couple of months ago. While searching on facebook she came across Whidbey Island Rocks. Whitbey Island is an Island in Washington State, about 30 miles from Seattle.

Fox Valley Hidden Rocks
photo credit: Alexandria Spranger

Here is what she had to say about why she started the group.

I loved what they were doing and wanted to have as much fun as they were having, so I decided to make it happen in the Fox Valley. I was checking around to see if they made one for any of the cities, but couldn’t find one. It looked like so much fun painting (I love crafts) and then creating an area wide scavenger hunt. It’s also super neat to find people who post and say it absolutely made their day. Even if they don’t post, you just hope someone loved that they found a rock and gave them a sense of whimsy and a warm feeling.”

Here is Alexandria’s family’s first rock they found and a couple of their works of art!

Fox Valley Hidden Rocks
photo credit: Alexandria Spranger

Kala Peterson also hides rocks with her family around town.  When asked why she said, “I like to paint and hide rocks because I am hopeful that someone will find the rock and it will brighten their day. I think if everyone intentionally tired to lighten someone else’s day, the world would be a better place.”

Fox Valley Hidden Rocks
photo credit: Kala Peterson

We went up north for the weekend and found lots of rocks to paint! It started out as “oh, a few big ones would be fun” and then all of a sudden my whole back seat was full of pretty big ones…. Whoops. Oh well, it’ll be fun.

Fox Valley Rocks
photo credit: Kala Peterson

The Rules are simple. Paint a rock and “hide” it for someone to find. Parks are great places to leave your rock. Some people will leave clues or tips on where to find these little treasures on facebook. A couple of places people have found rocks are Heckrodt, Jefferson Park, Trestle Trail, Fugleberg and Menominee Park in Oshkosh.

I love seeing all the different rocks! Here are a couple others.

fox valley rocks
photo credits, left to right, top to bottom: Casie Marie, Melissa Hamilton, Casie Marie, Stephanie Polk, Kala Peterson

Supplies Needed:

  • paint, paint brushes chalk, crayons, permanent markers to decorate
  • sealer


  • Rocks can be sourced from various places, but not national or state parks or reserves.
  • Having trouble finding rocks? They also sell at craft stores, dollar store and Walmart.
  • Use paint, chalk, crayons, sharpies to decorate your rocks. Try the paint pens for intricate details! Micron pens work great to draw on details as well.
  • Make sure to use a sealer over artwork to help preserve and weatherproof the rock. Matte mod podge spray sealer has also been recommended.
  • Hide your rocks in heavy traffic areas like parks or trails. Check out a list of our favorite trails.
  • Follow directions on the page or group you are following for the back of the rock. Fox Valley Hidden Rocks asks to “Please post a picture to Fox Valley Hidden Rocks Facebook page. Keep or rehide.” Some groups just request a hashtag like #foxvalleyrocks or #GreenBayKindnessRockProject
  • Some people will leave hints on facebook groups where their rock is hidden.
  • Share a picture of your rock or the one you find.
  • Hide it again or keep it!
  • It is meant to be fun for ALL.
  • Invite your friends and family to play along.
  • Get creative and get outside!
  • Be respectful of private property and businesses.

Other Local Groups

Green Bay Kindness Rock Project
photo source: Green Bay Kindness Rocks Project

Green Bay Kindness Rocks Project

The Fox Valley “Rocks

Kenosha Rocks

Waupaca Rocks

Waushara Community Rocks

World Wide Rock Swap #WWRS


Get outside and have fun! We would love to see your pictures. Tag #govalleykids!

Do you have any other tips? Share below.

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