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We just got back from a family road trip and we all survived! I know, crazy right? We packed up the kiddos and the mother-in-law and headed down south to visit family. Our girls are 4 and 2 and this is the longest they have traveled in the car. Thanks for all the road trip advice and book recommendations on facebook.

Our destination was Powder Spring, Georgia just 20 miles outside of Atlanta and just over a 13 hour drive. One of my passions is photography. Hope you enjoy some of our highlights from the trip!


We left right at bedtime and drove through the night. It worked great for us. Thankfully the last lag of the trip was through the mountains of Tennessee and the views were breathtaking.

Our first day we checked out the Georgia Aquarium in downtown Atlanta. {Tip: Purchase tickets ahead of time, we just bought them online}. It allowed us to bypass a lengthy line outside in the rain. The aquarium is known for it’s representation of wildlife across the globe and has 6 different areas: Ocean Voyager, River Scout, Georgia Explorer, Cold Water Quest, Tropical Diver and Dolphin Tales.

One of our favorite spots at the aquarium was the Ocean Voyager exhibit. This aquarium is the largest in the US and the 2nd largest in the world. It is the home of 4 whale sharks, 4 mantra rays, other sharks, stingrays and thousands of fish in 6.3 million gallons of saltwater.


The acrylic tunnel lets you walk through the aquarium for an all around view.


This exhibit also has a very impressive viewing window that measures 23 feet tall by 61 feet wide and 2 feet thick, roughly the size of an average movie theater screen. It feels like you are watching a live movie.


There were plenty of spots to sit and rest a bit with the girls as well and we were able to count more fish than all of our fingers put together!


I could have watched these jellyfish all day. They were one of my favorites. The girls said they looked like worms. Did you know jellyfish have no brains and a group of of jellyfish are called smack? Me either! I found out from the kid next to me, thanks!


I have never seen these before and the were neat. These Sea Dragons were in the Tropical Driver exhibit and are related to sea horses and pipe fish.



The penguins in the Cold Water exhibit were fun. This pop up viewing window was unique and the girls loved the up close and personal encounters.


Our oldest got a camera for Christmas. This kept her entertained the whole time, until the batteries died. Another reminder that our children our great imitators.

After the aquarium we walked around a bit outside. The World of Coca Cola is in the same area but we had to save that visit for another trip. It was pretty to see everything decorated for the holidays. Only thing missing was the cold weather and snow (we left that here in Wisconsin)!


A short walk away was Centennial Olympic Park. We enjoyed watching the ice skaters as well.

IMG_5369-adj IMG_5372_adj

Look like fun? Did you enjoy the pictures? I will share more in the next couple days. Make sure to also follow us on instagram @govalleykids. Thanks!

If you ever find yourself in Atlanta visit!

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