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The exceptional talents of teen music prodigy, EmiSunshine have captured the nation’s attention. The singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist has already graced some of the most prestigious stages from the “Today Show,” to the Grand Ole Opry and most recently, “Little Big Shots starring Steve Harvey”. A well-crafted storyteller, Emi’s music has been described as an “old-timey,” unique blend of roots music that is equal parts Americana, bluegrass, gospel, and country, with a sprinkle of blues. She is joined by Female Comic of the Year Award winner Etta May for this performance.

Etta May is known as the Queen of Southern Sass and delivers a high-
powered, take-no-prisoners performance full of truth, irony, humor, and wisdom.

EmiSunshine on the Today Show

Don’t miss EmiSunshine with special guest Etta May on November 3, 2019 at 6:30 pm at the Fox Cities Performing Arts Center in Appleton.

Tickets are available online here for $29.

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Who is EmiSunshine? We caught up with EmiSunshine to get to know the 15-year-old Rolling Stone named among “10 New Country Artists You Need to Know.”

What are 5 words that describe you?

EmiSunshine: Strong, independent, kind, opinionated and hardworking.

What is one thing not many people know about you?

EmiSunshine: I want a hairless cat! 

We read that the song “90 Miles” from Ragged Dreams is about autism. Who or what was your inspiration for this song?

EmiSunshine: My friend, Will. I watched him struggle and try to navigate life as a person with autism and it occurred to me that we all have difficulties and things that make us unique. You can’t lump everyone into one basket but you can create understanding by teaching others about things like autism. I think the song is just a lesson in human kindness, really.

Who is your biggest musical influence?

EmiSunshine: Brandi Carlile. For about the last five years, I’ve had her on my radar and she really speaks to me as a female artist in today’s world. Now, Loretta and Dolly also formed my strong melody and lyrical roots, as well.

What’s the first song you remember singing?

EmiSunshine: “You Are My Sunshine.”

One thing we love about your story is that it is a family affair. It is pretty neat that you have been writing songs with your mom since you were 5 years old! We also love that your band is made up of your father on upright bass, your brother, John Hamilton, on mandolin, and “Uncle Bobby” Hill on drums. What makes your family (and band) amazing?

EmiSunshine: The fact that we have traveled for this long and not got in a horrible family war is remarkable, I think! We are like any other family. We have our differences and we struggle to stay together. You know, bands get pulled apart all the time because powers that be want you to be different, go solo, get a younger team… We stick together. We believe in each other…We have roots. We have morals and ideals that govern our path. It’s love. That’s the difference. 

@billy_hubbard_music captured an early video of me on Market Square in Knoxville TN and it garnered over 3 million views. Thanks for the photo Steve Brummette Video Link

Posted by EmiSunshine on Saturday, August 31, 2019

You recently posted on Facebook about bullying disguised as constructive criticism. We were impressed by your response. Do you have any thoughts about cultivating confidence and staying true to oneself to share?

EmiSunshine: It’s hard. To live in your own skin and be happy. To be you. I think just remembering that “this, too, will pass” and that “things change every minute.” How you feel today isn’t necessarily how you will feel tomorrow. Plus, be kind. Remember the bully that lashes out probably was the victim at one point. Compassion is really our armor. We should put it on every day. 

What is one thing on your bucket list?

EmiSunshine: Red Rocks (a famous amphitheater in Colorado). I really believe one day I will get to play there! 

What hobbies do you have outside of music?

EmiSunshine: I collect oddities—things like little animals in jars of formaldehyde and weird dolls. 

Is it your first time in Wisconsin?

EmiSunshine: No, I played Summerfest a few years ago! 

Do you like cheese? Have you had Wisconsin cheese curds?!

EmiSunshine: Yes! Loved them!!! But I’m on a no-dairy regimen due to my vocal diet. 

“Let’s just be who we are~” #beyou #always

Posted by EmiSunshine on Thursday, June 27, 2019

What is your best advice for young artists?

EmiSunshine: If you sing get, a great vocal workout and do it! If you play, practice and always be yourself! The authentic “You” is who people want to see!!!

We loved learning more about the singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist has already appeared on “The Today Show,” NBC’s “Little Big Shots,” “Pickler & Ben,” the GrandOle Opry (14) times, and in the Grammy-nominated Elvis Presley documentary film “The King,” for which she wrote and performed two original songs. Lately, she been working on an exciting new album, with help from legendary Nashville record producer Tony Brown. The album, “Family Wars” by EmiSunshine and The Rain, will be released on October 18, but you can order the first single, “Crimson Moon,” by clicking here.

Concert Details

  • When: Sunday, November 3, 2019 at 6:30 pm
  • Where: Thrivent Hall, Fox Cities Performing Arts Center, 400 W College Ave, Appleton, Wisconsin
  • Tickets: $29, available here.

What a beautiful Georgia weekend! Thank you for the hospitality! RiverCenter for the Performing Arts

Posted by EmiSunshine on Saturday, April 13, 2019

Here are some tips for your kids’ first visit to the Fox Cities Performing Arts Center!

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