Dentists for Kids

We asked readers for recommendations for kid friendly dentists in the Fox Valley area. Here are a roundup, see all the comments on the original facebook post here.

Fox Valley Dentists For Kids

Pediatric Dentistry

Dental Haven

2612 E Calumet St, Appleton   |    (920) 739-6808   |    website

  • Jodi, “Dr. Gonzo at Dental Haven…pediatric dentist and soooo wonderful!!”
  • Anne, “Dental Haven. Took my daughter there right after her first birthday. They are fantastic. My stepsons have been going there for years (they’re 11 and 9) and they actually like going to the dentist. Not at all the way I remember the dentist as a child!”
  • Nikki, “We saw Dr Gonzo at dental haven for kids when Finn knocked his front tooth out. That place was great, and everything is small sized… Chairs etc…”
Children’s Dental Health Center

Van Roy Rd, Appleton   |    (920) 731-5562   |    website

  • Laura, “We see a kids dentist- Dr. Steinmetz on CE. He is GREAT with our boys.”
  • Rebecca, “Children’s Dental Health center in Appleton. Dr Steinmetz is great! There’s a boat in the lobby. My kids love it.”
  • Jodi, “I like Dr. Gonzo at Children’s Dental Haven. My daughter needed some pretty serious dental work done starting at 3 and going to a pediatric dentist was important.”
  • Heather, “Dr Steinmetz, children’s dental health on CE as was mentioned. I went there as a child when it was a father-son clinic still. Staff all remembered me 15 years later!”
  • Beth, “We love Dr. Mark @ Children’s Dental Health Center. Our family dentist referred us to him when my younger girls needed some cavities fixed. We’ve been with them ever since.”
  • Tanya, “Another vote for Dr. Steinmetz! Our family goes to Dr. Katie Leyes at Aspen Dental, she’s great for routine cleaning/care. For pediatric cavities or ortho, she recommends Dr. Steinmetz. Our 8 yo goes there for ortho and LOVES it!!!!”
First Impressions

4182 W Wisconsin Ave., Appleton   |    (920)734-4649   |    website

  • Bobbi, “I and others I know have only good things to say about First Impressions. They were awesome with my daughter both times we’ve been there.”
  • Sherah, “Live life smiling referred us to another PEDS dentist because they said my child wasn’t cooperative. I thought they were PEDS focused?! Bad experience. We now go to First Impressions and its 100 times more professional and they are WILLING to work with your child instead of sending you an email telling you they no longer will see your child after 2 “failed” attempts! Pathetic for a so-called PEDS dentist!”
  • Lori Marin First Impressions in Appleton, Dr Josh is great.



Forest View Dental

1111 W Valley Rd, Appleton   |    (920) 733-1111   |    website

  • Colleen, “Forest View Dental. My kids love it and they are very patient.”
  • Jen, “Forest View also lets them get a stuffed animal for no cavities….”
  • Stephanie, “We love Forestview Dental too. My kids always come out with a goodie bag and a great check up. The staff is wonderful.”
  • Becky, “Forest View Dental for sure!! Super fun for kids and very gentle.”
  • Samantha, “Forest View Dental in appleton. They have a little area where kids can pick a stuffed animal for every ‘no cavities’ checkup. And the hygienist we see shows them the instruments and how everything works so they aren’t afraid of it. My kiddos don’t mind going!”
  • Jen, “Ditto all the others on Forest View Dental…we recently switched our whole family of 5 over there…hubby and I love it, our 11 year old said it was “Awesome” (quite sure he’s NEVER referred to a cleaning with that enthusiasm!), our 4 year old had his first cleaning and was resistant once in the chair but the staff was so great that he warmed up pretty quickly and walked out smiling and jabbering away, and our 2 year old can’t wait for his turn. Great incentive program for the kiddos, great waiting room (self serve one cup coffee machine…enjoyed a chai tea while waiting for the kiddo’s appts!). Plus, I didn’t feel pressured to do stuff that can wait or isn’t needed now…for example, our oldest has a cavity in a molar, but since it’s small and in a baby tooth that he’ll lose soon, doc said we can leave it (unless it bugs him) rather than fill it just to have it fall out soon. Excellent place for kids – and mom and dad too!”
  • Beth, “Forest view! We saw dr gonzo when my daughter at 4 had a tooth knocked backwards. Total epic disaster and staff at the front desk was horrible! You are in a line for teeth cleaning. Forest view has been amazing!”
Northstar Dental

5760 W Grande Market Dr, Appleton   |    (920) 997-1557   |    website

  • Tammy, “Northstar Dental, Dr. Pete in Appleton by the airport. Great for the whole family, including kids and those that don’t like the dentist. They are very friendly and if you let them know you have issues or a fear of the dentist, like myself they are very slow and gentle. They also do sedation dentistry.”
  • Carie, “Please visit north star dental!! Dr. Pete and staff is amazing! After a few other dentist fails, I was referred to him. My daughter walked out the door and literally kicked up her feet and exclaimed “I LOVE the dentist!!”
  • Jamie, “North Star Dental…. Dr Pete and his staff are awesome!”
Romenesko Family Dentistry

2510 E Evergreen Dr, Appleton   |    (920) 739-7848   |    website

  • Dawn, “Romenesko Family Dentistry on Evergreen Dr. In Appleton. Been going there over 10 years, would never go anywhere else! My boys love going too!
Barnes Dentistry

381 S Kools St, Appleton   |    (920) 996-0123   |    website

  • Kelly, “Kollath Loves Barnes Dentistry… Charleigh thinks they are great lots of great stuff for kids. Excellent dentists.”
  • Megan, “Barnes Dentistry in Appleton!! My 3 yr old had a cavity filled and they were absolutely amazing!!”
Baye Dentistry

2500 N Bluemound Dr, Appleton   |    (920) 739-2500   |    website

  • Monique, “We also see Dr Baye. He has three young kids so he does great! And toys room in waiting area. Has a pretty neat prize drawer my boys love!”
Smile On, Appleton

3305 N Ballard Rd # D, Appleton   |    (920) 733-5607   |    website

  • Jaime, “We live in Appleton but we all love Dr. Masak. Small dentistry that even sets up birthday decorations for the kids and they get all kinds of goodies after each appointment.”
Appleton Family Dental

2830 North Mason St. Appleton   |    (920) 731-2356   |    website

  • Kathy, “Appleton Family Dental on Mason St in Appleton. Dr Yunk and Dr Kappleman are fabulous! I’ve been going there for 26yrs, my kids love it. They’re extremely accommodating and the staff builds great relationships.”



Dental Expressions

N3946 Columbia Ave, Kaukauna   |    (920) 788-6280   |    website

  • Andrea, “Dental Expressions is by far the the BEST dental office in this area! Dr. Heather and Dr. Bob are seriously amazing! Totally kid friendly. They even do a kids day every so many months that’s spectacular. Seriously you have to check them out.”
  • Jamie, “I go to Dental Expressions in Kaukauna/freedom. I’ve taken my daughter at one year old and she has her two year check up this month actually! They’re great with kids and they do special kids days where all the employees and dentists dress up and they transform the clinic. There’s games and prizes and only kids go that day. They even invite kids to dress up! It’s princesses and pirates this month!”
  • Brandi, “Dr. Heather Heil at Dental Expressions in Kaukauna/Freedom. Both of my boys had bad experiences at Children’s Dental Health Center. Unfortunately, but making the switch to the Heil’s has been nothing short of amazing!”



Brown Family Dentistry

996 S Green Bay Rd, Neenah   |    (920) 725-0400   |    website

  • Matthew, “Love Brown Family Dentistry. Dr Dawn is very friendly and has little hands.”
  • Kristen, “Brown family did EXCELLENT with my four year old.”
  • Melissa, “We really like Brown Family Dental in Neenah. My kids actually ask when their next appointment is!”
  • Sara, “Brown Family Dentistry on Green Bay Road in Neenah. We have had very good experiences there. They even scheduled a time a few weeks before our appointment for us to come tour the office, meet the staff, etc.”
  • Jessica, “Brown in Neenah is amazing! Great with kids!! Wouldn’t take my kids anywhere else!!”
  • Pam, “Brown Family Dentistry in Neenah is the best!”
  • Megan, “My son started going at age 4 and went to brown family dentistry, which is where I have gone my whole life. They r great with kids. My son will scream and cry for a haircut but was great at the dentist both times he’s been there. He was scared at first but they are great with kids and knew just what to say and do to him to make him comfortable.”
  • Diana, “I’ve gone to brown for over a decade. They’re very nice and love kids. My daughter and I go together. They encourage you to bring them to your appointment, which really helps them. BTW, they encourage you to bring babies because they’re hoping to hold one.”
Fox Valley Dental

1380 S Commercial St, Neenah   |    (920) 725-1327   |    website

  • Jodi, “In Neenah we go to Dr. Herring of Fox Valley Dental. They are kid equipped, child centered, and wonderful for the whole family.”
  • Elison, “We take our kids (they were 2 and 4 years when we started, now 5 and 7) to Fox Valley Dental, my husband and I go there too. We’ve moved a few times for my husband’s work, this is the best office we have ever been to.”
  • Ashley, “Fox Valley Dental in Neenah. Dr. Hering is the best dentist around. He sees children as early as 1. He is the most patient man and truly listens to all your needs and concerns. He will let them do as much or as little as they are ready for. Very family friendly office.”



Smiles By Designs

230 E Towne Dr, Hortonville   |    (920) 779-4533   |    website

  • Gayle, “Smiles By Design in Hortonville is great!



Vin Vu DDS

1013 N Main St, Oshkosh   |    (920) 235-0320   |    website

  • Ruthanne, “Oshkosh – Dr Vin Vu. Highest recommendation possible. Professional & approachable. Takes pediatrics thru adults.”
Govani Dental

1819 Evans St, Oshkosh   |    (920) 231-1955   |    website

  • Kassi, “We use Govani Dental and my son has been going since he was 2? Now almost 4…they again only let you do as much as the child lets you, neat play area as well as pool table and game system my kids love my daughter who is older also goes and enjoys it. They are located in Oshkosh.”

Multiple Locations

Dental Associates

4660 W College Ave, Appleton (920) 730-0345

2115 E Evergreen Dr Appleton (920) 734-2345

N1737 Lily of the Valley Drive, Greenville (920) 757-0100

430 Main Street, Green Bay (920) 431-0345

545 E. Johnson Street, Fond du Lac (920) 924-9090


Mamab, “Dental Assoc. Dr Smith is Fantastic!!!!”

  • Mayra, “My boys would dread the dentist, not anymore @Dental Associates. Dr. Bhosali, WOW, has been beyond amazing!”
  • Ana, “Dental Associates, Dr. Nikki Smith, all 3 of my kids have seen her since the age of 1 year old. Which is about the recommended age for an initial exam She will only do as much as the child allows at first appointment so they don’t get scared and starts getting used to being seen. They also show everything they will use before putting in mouth so that it’s no surprise.”
Midwest Dental

5553 W Waterford Ln Appleton (920) 739-7165

3111 E Calumet St Appleton (920) 733-3339

201 E. Bell Street, Neenah (920) 725-0670

290 Ohio St., Oshkosh (920) 231-5780

1477 South Park Ave., Oshkosh (920) 231-0093


  • Rachel, “Midwest dental in east appleton. My son had his first visit around 2 and went back a few months ago. They always make it so much fun for him. He’s always excited to go back.”
  • Michelle, “Midwest Dental on Kk in Appleton. We’ve been bringing the boys there since they’ve been 3. No bells and whistles but they have been great with the kids and are very family friendly. They are also not pushy which I respect!”



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