A Day at Green Bay Botanical Garden

At Green Bay Botanical Garden, you will be inspired, refreshed and engaged! Children and adults alike are encouraged to actively explore the areas listed below. If you look closely, you’ll be certain to see not only flowers but also insects and other animals.

Green Bay Botanical Garden
Photos courtesy of Amenson Studio.

Upper Formal Gardens

  • Wander through the Larsen Orchard Remnant. How many birds can you hear calling from the trees? Can you find any toads hiding among the fern in the flower beds?
  • Use your senses in the Herb Display Garden. Can you find the peppermint plant to smell? What about the lemon balm?
  • Explore the Marguerite Kress Oval Garden. Look for butterflies sitting on flowers and bees pollinating. Take your picture with George and Marguerite Kress. What instrument is George playing? What kind of flower is Marguerite holding?
  • Go on a color search in the Lux Foundation Upper Rose Garden. How many different colors can you find? Which color smells the best?
  • Search for vegetables in the Vanderperren English Cottage Garden. How many kinds can you find? Which veggies do you like to eat?

Children’s Garden

  • Stop on the Dragonfly Bridge and count the koi fish. How many can you see? What colors are they?
  • Hide under the mulberry trees and make up a story. What would it be like to be a chipmunk? What would you do if you were a worm?
  • Find your way through the maze. How long did it take you to find the exit? Did you find a stone with a face on it?
  • Get a bird’s eye view from the tree house and ride the slide.
  • Search for Peter Rabbit hiding in McGregor’s Garden.
  • Name the colors in the Rainbow Garden. Can you use the sundial in the center to tell the time?
  • Water the animals in the Wetting Zoo. Can you name all the animals that live there?
  • Check in the mailboxes for other fun activities!

Indoors: Take a break and enjoy the air conditioning in the Phil & Betsy Hendrickson Horticultural Resource Center. Read a book in the children’s corner loft, put on a puppet show and explore the displays.

Green Bay Botanical Garden
Photos courtesy of Amenson Studio.

Upcoming Special Events at the Green Bay Botanical Garden 

  • Sunday, May 12, 2019: Mother’s Day – FREE admission for Moms
  • Friday, May 17, 2019, 9 am – 7 pm: National Public Gardens Day – FREE Admission for ALL
  • Monday, May 27, 2019: Memorial Day – FREE admission for military personal and veterans

The Garden educators also offer workshops, nature nights, and preschool programs for you and your family. Check out our website or stop out to the Garden for more details!

About Green Bay Botanical Garden

Green Bay Botanical Garden, located at 2600 Larsen Road behind Northeast Wisconsin Technical College (NWTC), opened in 1996 and features 47 bountiful acres of display gardens and natural areas. The organization enriches the region by providing year-round educational and recreational opportunities within an environment that engages, inspires and refreshes.  For more info about other programs offered, please visit www.gbbg.org or call (920)490-9457.

Green Bay Botanical Garden

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