Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood – Live!

Daniel Tiger Live

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood – Live!
Fox Cities Performing Arts Center
Appleton, Wisconsin
Saturday, March 5 at 10:30 am

Do you have a Daniel fan in your home? If you do, this is beyond exciting! Our kid’s favorite line from the show, “Grownups come back!” Anyone else know that one? There will be only one show on Saturday, March 5 at 10:30 am at the Fox Cities Performing Arts Center in Appleton. Tickets are $25 and are available online or by calling the Fox Cities P.A.C. Ticket Office at 920-730-3760.


Here is more information about the show:

The legacy of the beloved “Mister Rogers” lives on with the hit television series, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, from the Fred Rogers Company and PBS KIDS. Now, Daniel and all of his friends are hopping aboard the trolley to delight live audiences with DANIEL TIGER’S NEIGHBORHOOD LIVE! Donning his familiar red sweater, Daniel takes the audience on an interactive musical adventure as he and his friends explore the vibrant world of their much-loved Neighborhood. This live theatrical production filled with singing, dancing and laughter will warm the hearts of multiple generations!


Make it an “event”

We think its fun to do all our homework to maximize the fun before the show. Download some fun coloring sheets here. The libraries also have lots of great Daniel the Tiger books. If you are really ambitious, celebrate with a cake like the one Megan made here!

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood - Live!

Daniel the Tiger Cake


Giveaway is now closed. Our lucky winner has been notified.

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 4.39.08 PM

Now the fun part! The Fox Cities Performing Arts Center has graciously given us a set of 4 tickets for one lucky family!

To enter, comment below what your kids have learned from Daniel and his friends.  Contest ends Sunday, January 31, 2016 at midnight.



*This giveaway will close on January 31, 2016 at midnight and the winner will be notified via email. The winner will have 24 hours to respond by email accepting the prize. No purchase necessary to enter the contest. Leaving a comment on this blog post is not a requirement of entry. This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook. You are providing your information to govalleykids.com and not to Facebook. The information you provide will only be used to enter the contest and notify winners. Entrants will release Facebook from all liability. Entrants must be at least 18 years of age and reside in Wisconsin. Only one entry per household.

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood - Live!


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  1. You’ve gotta try new foods cause they might taste good.
    When you have to go potty stop and go right away. Flush and wash and be on your way!

    • I have a 3 and 4 1/2 year old who are in love with Daniel Tiger. My children have learned lessons on sharing, using manners and the one I love most is Daniel’s way of teaching children to appreciate who they are by embracing their unique and special personalities.

    • “Ugga Mugga!” (I love you.) This is what I hear each night as I finish tucking my daughter into bed. She yells it down the hall to me from her bed before she falls asleep. Daniel Tiger is the only show on television that my daughter finds interesting. We read Daniel books every night and talk about the lessons Daniel and his friends have taught us. “Keep trying. You’ll get better.” That’s what we say every time she tries something, but fails. This keeps her spirits high. I’ve learned from Daniel, too. If we win the 4 tickets, I’d share them with another family. We’d only use two tickets since Mommy will be having her 2nd baby on March 7th, so seeing Daniel would be a Daddy/Daughter date. What a break it would be for Mommy before baby comes!

    • I have a 3 year old who watches Daniel every day. Sure has learned so much from him. One of the most important things was how to potty and that grown ups do come back so not to worry.

  2. Our favorite show is when Daniel learned to share and take turns with her friends. My daughters love this show and ask to watch it everyday. It would be awesome if I could surprise them with a special day.

  3. My kids have learned about sharing with “let them take a turn and then they’ll give it back. Also “if your feeling mad and you want to ROAR, take a deep breath and count to four.” They like to tell mommy and daddy to do that song too! Lol!!

  4. My 3yr old has learned about sharing and about when people get sad. She is a sponge when it comes to learning and the show is something we both enjoy as a treat once in a while. We don’t watch much TV.

  5. My daughter really liked the episode of Daniel’s Neighbors Help. It teaches to be kind to our neighbors and to help others feel better when they need it most. Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  6. Daniel Tiger helped us with potty training. My daughter loved to sing, “If you have to go potty, STOP, and go right away. Flush and wash and be on your way!” anytime she had to use the bathroom.

  7. My 3 year old songs all the songs, potty song, she sings jealous song to her friends at school super cute she would love this

  8. My daughter learns so much from Daniel Tiger and I enjoy watching it with her, glad she actually learns from it unlike other shows.

  9. We learned about a new baby and becoming a big brother as we are due with our second in July and trying to talk to our 2.5 year old who loves daniel about it thus was perfect

  10. My daughter (5) and son (3) really enjoy Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood! They have learned a clever way to manage the emotion of anger. If one starts to show frustration, the other will start to sing, “If you feel so mad that you want to roar, just take a deep breath and count to four”. By the end of the song, the one who was mad will be finishing the song and smile through their anger!

  11. We’ve used Daniel Tiger songs for so much (despite initially rolling my eyes at them)! They are so great. The most important would have to be helping with potty training! “Stop and go right away.”, but ” you’ve got to try new foods because they might taste goo-od” and “stop and listen, to stay safe” are also family standards.

  12. We love a lot of the songs, but with my little guy potty training we use the “when you gotta go potty, stop and go right away” most 🙂

  13. This is the show that my daughter started dancing to! She still does wheneve she hears it! The show also taught her how to share. She would love to see them live!!!!

  14. “Saying I’m sorry is the first step, then how can I help.” According to my husband I am stubborn. And I will admit, I’m not always the first person to say I’m sorry; even though I expect that of my little girl. Not only my little girl has taken this value to heart but so have my husband and I!

  15. my kids love the “sitting on the potty” song and “when you have to go potty just stop and go right away.” It definitely helped with our potty training. And now they just like it because it’s potty humor and it’s fun to see Daniel on the potty.

  16. Daniel has taught us a lot…almost everything we do is accompanied by a Daniel Tiger song! “Thank you for everything you do” Is a current favorite!

  17. My 2 1/2 year old daughter has taken away many lessons from the show. One big lesson is that it’s ok to be mad, but to use your words to say how you feel.

  18. Both our girls LOVE Daniel Tiger, especially our one year old. She dances to all the songs. My oldest daughter sings the songs. We like the episode about sharing the best!

  19. wE LoVe dAnIeL tIgeR!! My two girls watch it almost everyday on PBS Kids. They have learned alot on the show. My favorite is how to share. My four year old has this love and hate relationship with her sister, who’s 1 and this show helps to teach her to share with her sister. The potty training eposide helped my four year old get potty trained at an earlier age. So my girls are growing up with Daniel Tiger by there side! 🙂

  20. Daniel Tiger is the best! My daughter has learned so much especially what to do when she is angry or frustrated and how to help others!

  21. Take a step back and ask for help…All my kids want to be independent, but that sometimes leads to frustration. This song helped them learn that it is ok to ask for help and still be independent:-)

  22. “Time to meet the baby” and “There’s time for you and baby too!” Has been a great help with our 2.5 year old and learning that mom has time for both just not always right away!

  23. We are constantly reminding my 3 year old to use her words when she wants to tell us something. It is wonderful to turn Daniel Tiger on and have him singing “Use your words, use your words” and talking about needing to use your words. The lessons on Daniel Tiger’s neighborhood are perfect for this age group.

  24. My daughters have learned so much. When you gotta go potty stop and go right away, you gotta try new things cuz they might taste good, you take a turn then I take a turn, and how to share time with mommy with little sister.

  25. Our kids have learned how to navigate some of those tough emotional issues like frustration, impatience and sadness. We love the gentle approach that Daniel Tiger offers.

  26. My boys loves to watch this show. Daniel had taught my boys to take turns and share, how to calm down when they are angry, how going to their doctor’s appointment isn’t that bad, and how grown ups comes back (this one was a big one; which had helped my boys a lot).

  27. The two that get sung most often at my house are “Keep trying, you’ll get better” and “If you have to go potty, stop and go right away. Flush and wash and be on your way!” We love Daniel Tiger!

  28. My son sings the clean up song and the potty song. As a mom, I love all of the good lessons on the show. Last year we did a Daniel birthday party 🙂

  29. My daughter loves Daniel Tiger! She has learned to try new foods and a lot of great lessons on sharing and manners! I love seeing a little bit of my childhood on the screen too!!

  30. My 3 year old son has learned it’s ok when grown up leave because “grown ups come back” and he has also learned to “try a new food because it might taste good” which is great because he has always been the pickiest eater. Thanks Daniel!

  31. My son relates with the stories in relation to things that have happened to him. He told his sister to watch Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood because it will show you good things to learn until your big like me!

  32. The show in general is great.. relates so much for kids to realize.. hmm I’m not alone or the only one that has to deal with that situation. Time for play and time to get ready.. We use it everyday when we head out the door.

  33. My grandchildren watch Daniel and love him. Once in a while I hear one of them roar and I know Daniel is close by! Best children’s show since Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood. MeeMa

  34. My daughter Olivia has learned that when she is so mad that she wants to roar, to stop, count to four, and then you’ll be able to reflect and come up with a solution to the problem that could make her happier! We are big Daniel tiger fans!!!

  35. Our son Sawyer loves to turn on Daniel Tiger on TV and then also turn on another episode on the tablet. He loves to watch 2 at once.

  36. My daughter Harper told me she learned from Daniel the Tiger to be nice to others and that she learned she really likes Tigers, and cats, and friends! Hehe 🙂

  37. My son has learned how to be good friend, how to be a big brother, and that new things aren’t scary. My favorite is the potty training episode.

  38. Xander, 5, and Claire, 5, always quote Daniel Tiger. We sing “When you feel so mad that you want to roar, take a deep breath and count to 4!” when someone has a tantrum.

  39. Per my 6yr old. She learned that you are not to be by people when you are sick, because you will give them your germs. She also learned how to be nice to your friends.

  40. “When something seems bad, turn it around and find something good!” This was the first episode we ever watched of Daniel Tiger and the song and concept has stuck with us.

  41. Last night, when I walked by my 2 yr olds room, I heard him say, ” ugga mugga Daniel”, to his stuffed Daniel Tiger toy. How sweet, he loves Daniel! We love all of Daniel’s lessons, too, especially pick up, clean up, put away . We use that song every day.

  42. The tip we love and seem use the most is singing the reminder: “when your feeling frustrated, take a deep breathe and ask for help.” There are several other lyrics we often use to help remind and teach other lessons as well. A wonderful program that does such a good job at teaching young children in a way they understand.

  43. We used the song “Grown-ups Come Back” ALL the time when my kids were having a hard time being left with a sitter. This episode was a lifesaver for us!

  44. My son is in 3k and at his parent teacher conferences this week, his teacher told us this: One of his classmates had a tower of blocks fall over, and he went to her and said, ‘Lena, it’s ok.. ‘We just have to find a way to work, together!”

  45. Trying new foods is a fun adventure! Using your words is best when frustrated. Lots of lessons have been learned – great habits to build at a young age.

  46. My son has learned how important it is to share, and how to try new things one step at a time if something is scary. Ugga mugga!

  47. My five year old has loved Daniel Tiger. The catchy songs have come in handy in many different situations in our home, from dealing with anger and sadness to visiting the Dr. Now my 7 month old is drawn to Daniel Tiger as well, it seems to be her favorite show! She always watches very intently when Daniel is on! 🙂

  48. We will be using the potty song! Grown ups come back was also used for a while and helped. I also think the baby Margaret episodes helped with the transition of a new baby in day care.

  49. My kids love this show! They even learned how to “stomp 3 times and take a deep breath and count to 4” when frustrated. My daughter sings “flush and wash and be on your way” ALL day! Cute show though.

  50. Every big lesson that we’ve accomplished in our house has had a song courtesy of Daniel Tigers neighborhood; “flush and wash and be on your waaaaay”, “groooown-ups come back”, ” you’ve got to try new food cause it might taste gooood”, “if you feel so bad that you want to rooooaaaar, take a deep breath and count to four”, “find a way to play together”, “If you can’t get what you waaant, stop three times, it makes yourself feel better” (sung by Lucy as I write this).

  51. My almost 2 1/2 year old daughter really loves Daniel Tiger. I watched Mr. Rogers when I was a girl and this is such a wonderful adaptation of the show. One of the songs we use is There’s time for you and baby too as we have a foster baby that is 6 months old. Our daughter really likes Daniel, Adventure Tiger and definitely Ugga Mugga! This would be wonderful to win tickets to this show. Thanks for the opportunity!

  52. My 3 1/2 year old does “Ugga Mugga” with us and now his new baby brother :). The show has given my son the language to use when he is talking about his feelings which is so valuable.

  53. I was even hooked after the first episode two years ago when DT gave him a song to sing (“no thank you” to a new food)… which is so much more pleasant than a giant fit!

  54. my kids have learned to share and it also helped my daughter when we were expecting our last child, it helped her see that becoming a big sister was a great thing! Now she loves her baby brother and teaches him songs like row row row your boat.

  55. My son Isaiah is five years old, since he was a little boy, he been watching Daniel the tiger. He have learned how to share and take turns and be kind


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