Calling all dads and little girls! Don’t miss this year’s FVL Schools Daddy Daughter Dance.

fvl schools daddy daughter dance

The 9th annual FVL Daddy Daughter Dance is coming up on Sunday, March 1, 2020 from 2-5 pm at Fox Valley Lutheran High School!

This event welcomes girls ages 3-13 and their fathers (or other male guardians) to enjoy an afternoon of dancing, games, photos, snacks, crafts, and more. Princesses are invited to wear their prettiest princess dress! For their kings, dress shirts and ties are encouraged.

Daddy Daughter Dance

Tickets can be purchased online at for $8 until February 28, 2020. Tickets can also be purchased at the door for $10.

Want a memento of this fun event? T-shirts are available through online registration for $10 until February 14, 2020.

With lots of activities planned, I am sure it will be a blast! Some of our daughter’s favorites last year were the dancing, photo booth and getting her nails done.

FVL Schools Daddy Daughter Dance

  • When: Sunday, March 1, 2020: 2-5 pm
  • Where: Fox Valley Lutheran High School, 5300 N Meade St, Appleton, WI 54913
  • Who: Girls ages 3-13 and their Dads or other male role models
  • Tickets: $8 Advance, $10 At the Door
  • More Information:

Find more pictures from previous year’s event here.

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions:

Are non FVL School Members able to attend this event?

YES! This is a community event – FVL School families are encouraged to bring friends! The more the merrier!

What if I do not like to dance?

There will be several activities for dads and daughters besides dancing. There will be games, crafts, photos, snacks, and other activities. If the princess dances but king does not, there will also be several guided dance opportunities (the limbo, hokey pokey, chicken dance etc.) There will also be several jesters and queens working the dance that would love to dance with any young princess.

Why ages 3-12?

The Daddy Daughter Dance is geared towards girls ages 3-12 and their fathers. However, we will not turn any age away.

I am a mom, can I attend?

Moms, we want to keep the focus of the activities to dads and daughters. However, if you would like to be there as a fly on the wall, we would welcome your help on the day of the event! If this interests you, please call us at (920)560-5122 or email Megan Beyer at We would love to have you there to help ensure a successful event.

For more information visit:–updates/daddy-daughter-dance

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12 thoughts on “Calling all dads and little girls! Don’t miss this year’s FVL Schools Daddy Daughter Dance.”

  1. Avatar

    My two princesses are each special. ..the oldest one loves school and loves to help others; she is very much like her namesake Tabitha. …the youngest one is a jokester and keeps up on our toes! They both are God girls and love dancing to Matthew West, Jamie Grace and many other christian artists! Their favorite things to do are camping and going to Lifest. …they are very special princesses!

  2. Avatar

    Our princess would love this! She’s been such a good helper since we had our new baby in June, and a night like this with just her and daddy would be pretty special!

  3. Avatar

    Our princess is such a well behaved little girl who is always eager to help her mommy and papa out. She would love to spend some alone time with her papa, as he works second shift and they don’t get much time together!

  4. Avatar

    Our princess has been so very helpful since she little brother was born. She doesn’t get a lot of one on one time with daddy or mom, although we really try. She’d love to have a night to spend with just daddy.

  5. Avatar

    Our little lady loves to spend time with her daddy. But since he helps out a lot coaching big brother, a night of one on one attention might be just what they need!

  6. Avatar

    Our 3 year old princess would love to go to a special dance with her daddy. She loves getting dressed up and loves spending time with her family.

  7. Avatar

    Our eldest princess has been so kind and accepting of all of the changes that came with our new baby. “Daddy’s girl” and her prince would love a special night for the two of them!

  8. Avatar

    My daughter would love to be a princess for a night with her daddy at a dance! She loves getting to express herself and “dress fancy”. It would be extra special because she turns 6 on March 13th!;)

  9. Avatar

    Our princess would love some one-on-one time with her daddy. With two younger brothers, and all so close in age, she doesn’t get that often. She’s such a good big sister and loves to help, just like mommy! (Ok, and daddy.)

  10. Avatar

    I have a beautiful 11 year old princess that would love to spend the afternoon with her daddy. She is a fantastic big sister and tolerates a lot some days from her annoying little brother. She is a smart, beautiful, and responsible young lady.

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