Crazy Christmas Light Show

Crazy Light Show Kaukauna

Crazy Christmas Light Show is a Northeast Wisconsin Favorite!

You can find Crazy Christmas Light Show at 218 Newton le Ct in Kaukauna, Wisconsin. The lights are on from 5 pm to 10 pm each night of December. We spoke with the man behind the lights, Ryan Fulcer this week about his fantastic display.

What is your favorite part about Crazy Christmas Light Show?

I love hearing the stories of how the light show has become a tradition for so many families. The favorite part of the display is the singing tree as it was the first singing tree in Wisconsin. I get calls and emails from all over the US about it. I have had a number of people ask if I could build one for them as well.

Tell us a little about you? What do you like to do in your free time? What else keeps you busy?

I am the Regional Vice President of Coldwell Banker The Real Estate Group. When possible we like to spend time at our cottage. Work takes much of my time but trail riding our UTV at the cottage and spending time at the beach when we can as a family.

When did you start your light display?

I started the light display 8 years ago after we built the home.

Why did you start?

I started the light display after my sister was diagnosed with Sarcoma cancer and I wanted to help raise money for the Sarcoma Foundation. We lost her 2 years ago. There is still a purple lite tree (Purple is the ribbon color of Sarcoma cancer) on the north side of the driveway in memory of my sister Lisa Berge but we no longer collect donations.

When do you start putting your lights up each year?

I start the day after Halloween.

How long does it take for you to get everything set?

I finish the week of Thanksgiving. Try not to keep track of hours. Lots of nights and weekends. lol

How many strings of lights are in your display?

I have about 20,000 LED lights. 80 Channels synchronized to music all played over 104.5 FM. All the trees are handmade. The light show turns on and off each night automatically.

Are there any new elements this year?

I added a new song National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation Theme Song. An average 3 minute song takes about 6-8 hours to program. I may go more themed in the future as well as I have almost everything to do a Halloween display that would feature talking ghouls.

We’re looking forward to that Halloween display, Ryan!

Tips for viewing!

  •  Tune your radio to 104.5 FM to hear the music.
  •  Hours are 5pm – 10pm nightly Dec 1st – Dec 31th.
  •  Please turn your headlights off if you are parked facing the lights or parked behind     someone.
  •  Please do not park in front of the neighbors’ driveways.
  •  Please be patient with others on heavy traffic nights.

Find more information and updates on Crazy Christmas Light Show’s Facebook Page!

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