Go Valley Kids Virtual Christmas Cookie Cookbook

Christmas Cookies

My mouth waters when I see a glorious assortment of Christmas cookies out at a holiday gathering.

Cookies bring me much joy. As a youth, I loved when my mom participated in cookie exchanges. She would take up the whole dining room table to make two or three different kinds of cookies. And then the cookies multiplied! She would come home with plates and containers full of different cookies: chocolate filled, jam filled, peppermint tasting, coated in powdered sugar or drizzled with caramel. The cookies would cover the end of the table and we had to wait a few days before eating them. The big moment came after midnight mass, when we got to eat our most favorite cookie. And then feast on them in the days that followed.

Today, as an adult, I am not the best home baker. I envy those who can bake, ice and decorate cut-out sugar cookies to resemble masterpieces! I tried cut-out cookies with my daughters when they were younger and inevitably, it ended with me rolling out and cutting out endless cookies, which I often burned, and very hastily covering in icing or frosting. One year I tried to cheat and bought cut-out cookies from a girl raising money for a missionary trip. Again, I was the only one decorating. And the following year I don’t think I even pulled them out of the freezer.

But when I do get the itch to make up Christmas cookies, there are a couple recipes that have never failed me and are easily family favorites: Mexican wedding cakes and peanut butter blossoms.

Mexican wedding cakes (also known as Russian tea cakes and snowballs and many other names) have this light buttery taste with the sweetness of powdered sugar. So easy to make and eat! Often I omit the nuts from the recipe but did not notice a difference. I have also swapped out the nuts for mini-chocolate chips. https://www.bettycrocker.com/recipes/russian-tea-cakes/3af8664b-6c3e-4022-b686-cd961521e59b

Peanut butter blossoms are also a favorite to add to the cookie tray. It is a tried and true classic, great for any holiday really. I jazz them up by rolling them in red or green sugar. Sometimes I swap out the chocolate kiss for a caramel filled one. https://www.pillsbury.com/recipes/peanut-blossoms/b5de97ec-9e31-4303-8cb7-9484b5e4e86b

What is your favorite Christmas cookie recipe? Share online for a virtual Christmas Cookie Cookbook of sorts! I might even try out a new recipe or two!

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